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  1. Let’s say 800+ credit score, 60% down, borrowing 150-200k. 30 year or 7/1 arm
  2. whats the lowest rate you can get now for buying @Ominous? I'm looking to buy within the next month or two.
  3. I'm in the Bay Area now! Working on fixing this shit hole!
  4. Back to where? I was born here and the nation that represented my parents are gone for the most part
  5. You can always do a megaback door retirement plan where you get the perks of a traditional 401k and the perks of a Roth IRA.
  6. you can stretch your savings by getting rid of luxury items, such as a refrigerator and healthcare.
  7. i'm ready to weather the storm but im getting ready to sell my house and buy within the next few months.
  8. but thats it works though. they are going to start by looking at D1P. then they are going to see where all the communications from D1p are coming from until they get close to the target individual. but while they are doing that, they are grabbing everyone's communication as well.
  9. its posted anonymously. and to drill down to figure out who the user is, it creates other issues of privacy. everything you do on the internet is for the public the see. PRISM did this by standing outside people's houses and capturing all digital comms leaving a residence (ok, they really did this to a company). NSA and PRISM are still active today but corporations have been working hard to encrypting messages.
  10. you can't really get into this without removing everyone's right to online privacy. we saw that happened when people found out about the NSA and PRISM.
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