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  1. right, just because all the subpeonas that get submitted don't actually go anywhere or a settlement is made, its still a pain in the ass
  2. not saying that apple will get arrested or anything but they will be required to assist if needed, and most likely after going thru many legal hoops. this is part of my job.
  3. Yes, nVidia would have liability. It's that simple. Just like Apple has liability with what you upload to your iCloud.
  4. I would argue now is probably the worst time to go wander around random people's houses to buy or allow random strangers to your house to sell.
  5. GFN clearly isnt a Personal Computer, no matter how hard you argue VM is another computer somewhere.
  6. software licensing though. GFN doesn't have the rights to install software that they dont have the license to.
  7. well, publishers pay to sell games on MS/Sony/Nintendo platforms. theres no business agreement with GFN.
  8. I'm in Austin. people are freaking out like crazy lol. i guess the loss of SXSW is really impacting local businesses. some food vendors saying they basically lost a whole season's income.
  9. With the owner not being around, I noticed that his mail is piling up and the trash bins are loaded. I'm not sure if it was intentional because I have this AirBnb for long stay. From what I understand, short term rental Airbnbs are banned here unless you live in the unit. So you can rent a room short term but not a house. It works out because my toddler is running around everywhere.
  10. I just happened to be staying at an Airbnb right now. The owner is no where to be found...
  11. Let’s say 800+ credit score, 60% down, borrowing 150-200k. 30 year or 7/1 arm
  12. whats the lowest rate you can get now for buying @Ominous? I'm looking to buy within the next month or two.
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