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  1. Around 50 hours in my full time job, and then a further 10-15 hours in my part time nightclub job.
  2. I know, I congratulated you both
  3. I will be having a chinese chicken curry with rice later, but no to bed - it's only 3PM!
  4. Hi to everyone! Not been here in a year. Give me a rundown of what's happened please?
  5. Came to post Remy Leave satisfied.
  6. technical support for users with computer issues
  7. Mine is long enough to tuck into the front of my trousers.
  8. Wrestling doesn't have seasons, it runs all year, every year, and is the longest running episodic entertainment programme in history.
  9. +1 for the addition of the wrestling board again. It needs to be a subforum please
  10. Chris Jericho with a Christmas hat. Think it was a haters gonna hate gif.
  11. Jason is clearly the worst username.
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