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  1. Are you kidding me with this shit? Edit- this would be the third shooting in a row for states with concealed carry, no? https://www.wwltv.com/article/news/crime/report-police-responding-to-shooting-at-baton-rouge-walmart/289-87a3e40b-1326-457a-82e7-ab838dee0a40 Edit 2- yay for being minor? Is that seriously the most we can hope for at this point?
  2. Touch a nerve? I will laugh at that joke EVERY time 😂 When you fart in a car in Jersey, they roll the windows UP 🤗
  3. Nobody admits they're from Jersey, that's why they dug the Lincoln tunnel......so they can sneak in and out of there at night.
  4. The perimeter rule is multiplied inside Aldi's. And I have reusable bags already since the local megamart gives discounts for using them.
  5. Not sure where the Aldi's hate is coming from.......best cheese selection anywhere nearby for me plus cheaper veggies. All other sections are purely optional.
  6. He is saying the outrageous costs being charged by insurance companies, and private insurance's reluctance to pay them, is akin to a sort of present day eugenics.
  7. Yeah, how exactly is this being paid for? Not like it's the military after all.
  8. It's not even like it hasn't been done. Look at Maine and Nebraska.
  9. While it would be great if it did so, I doubt Kentuckians will mind this after all the other stuff they've overlooked.
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