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  1. Grant statehood to ALL American territories and combine them into east and west Oceana. Give DC statehood whilst combining Dakota's. Have N/S Carolina and Virginia/W Virginia each nominate a tag team to fight to prevent merger OR if Hawaii refuses to join west Oceana merge both. Sell ppv streaming rights for tag match if Hawaii joins West oceana.
  2. I didn't feel that in my eye but my sinus/top of trachea
  3. Did you get the one where they twist the q-tip for 30 seconds?
  4. Edit- yeah I don't know how to imbed, sue me You're welcome. -Jason
  5. Rough conclusion....... education can only hope to mitigate the harm these people can do
  6. For the record, the pass it on campaign is run by the 501c the foundation for a better life (Source) The foundation for a better life gets its operating costs from The Anschutz Foundation (Source) The Anschutz Foundation has donated heavily to anti-homosexual, anti-evolution, pro-life, and other conservative causes via the state policy network (Source) It also gave us the Chronicles of Narnia movies
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