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  1. Obama: I can't believe I'm no longer in office and he still complains about me. Hillary: I can't believe I lost to him and not running again and he still complains about me. McCain's Ghost: Hold my beer.
  2. At least the meme was nice enough to give the Dems all the swing states.
  3. Let's dispel with this fiction that Fox News doesn't know what its doing. It knows exactly what its doing.
  4. "I condemn the shooting with the strongest possible 'I agree with his motives' and 'they left him no choice'"
  5. Thanks Joe and Howard for summarizing what I hate about this capitalists vs. socialists absolutism. Are you a driver or a walker? Well, I drive when I need to travel 50 miles in less than a day, and I walk when I need to enter buildings without destroying them.
  6. What's the word for being offended at how accurate something is?
  7. Pelosi's "No cannibalism" rule didn't last as long as I'd hoped.
  8. Oof, I should have played Division 1 before trying out this beta, then I might know what I'm doing and what's going on. No gun glitches. Though people speaking can sound randomly distant or right next to you.
  9. Are we sure he didn't just have this for lunch and it got stuck between his growing brain plaques.
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