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  1. Finally finished Super Mario Odyssey including 999 Moons and the Skelly Suit and 8-bit Cap.
  2. Muggy but so far not as miserable as when the AC was completely broken for a week in June.
  3. If 40 people feels normal and 40 cats feels like an infestation, at least they nailed that part of catness https://www.youtube.com/FtSd844cI7U?start=132
  4. Are you telling me all they needed to do to render decades of stealth stuff useless was to try a different frequency?
  5. We need SNL back for a week just so Jane Krakowski can play this part in the debate sketch.
  6. How can we top the famously squicky Meat Circus level? Meat AND teeth!
  7. If elections are good enough for State AG's and State Supreme Courts (debatable but I don't have any better ideas), then they are good enough for national level!
  8. Fired 12 years ago. 4 years ago if you count getting "fired" from the job placement agency.
  9. 16oz margarita and I'm upset because I barely got a buzz but still got a hangover.
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