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  1. Fired 12 years ago. 4 years ago if you count getting "fired" from the job placement agency.
  2. 16oz margarita and I'm upset because I barely got a buzz but still got a hangover.
  3. U.S. to Remember to Say "Stop Resisting!" before Declaring War on Iran
  4. He prefers to let countries get away with non-quotation marked murder.
  5. Turns out the real Howard Schultz was within us all along!
  6. Based on every other time Trump uses this line, I'm guessing Mount Rushmore has never stopped having fireworks?
  7. Every time I hear it in my head, the Overwatch medals screen pops up at the end
  8. I just did a double feature of Infinity War and this after having only seen 1/2 of the Avengers so there was a whole lot of but they were still enjoyable. People seemed to go through most of the nit-picks but I haven't seen these yet.
  9. Ghost Palpatine tries to turn Rey into his new physical host, I'm calling it. A red and blue one to drive the point home What I want to know is how does an Outer Rim reboot have a bigger military budget than the original Galaxy-sized government? I demand a scene addressing the First Order's hyperinflation crisis in the next movie The Endor Holocaust is real! https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Endor_Holocaust
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-47891737 And the title is pretty much all the info I have.
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