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  1. I'm partial to murder face myself, but it needs to be animated with the head snap.
  2. Media: Is something wrong with Joe's memory? Castro: Is something wrong with Joe's memory? Media: How DARE you!
  3. My biggest professional setback is those damn kids yelling in the back right now!
  4. Take a shot every time someone wants to be clear.
  5. Bush defeated: No more dynasties! Clinton defeated: No more dynasties! 3 years later: Maybe more dynasties!
  6. Random Ocarina of Time. Kinda gives it that no-narrative no-hand holding exploration-focused feel of the original Zelda.
  7. On that note, how's the investigation into how the investigation started going?
  8. So what happens if an otaku finds out another otaku has also claimed the same anime waifu?
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