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  1. I'm just super pumped... I hope it turns out good
  2. I'd love to see one on GNR. I can't believe how good they were when I went to see them recently after so many years apart, was incredible
  3. I can't stand the wolf pack mentality online anymore, drives me nuts... Absolutely nuts. I seriously at times want to cancel it all and go back to living like it's fuckin 1990 and just play everything and do everything offline
  4. The dudes in my clan discord are just going off... It feels like I'm watching something in grade school. I don't get why it can't be "damn the game has some shit but let's see how it pans out".... Nope, everyone loves a good dog pile
  5. I agree, I hate the culture we live in when it comes to this. What annoys me is how anymore there's no middle ground, if you say you like it you are a shill, if you say you don't like it you're a hater... There's never that ground of liking something while understanding it has flaws and then waiting to see how it turns out. That's my boat, I like it but I simply want to see how it'll evolve. I do find that these companies are taking to many liberties with the ability to just patch things in, but it is what it is... I simply want more games to enjoy. I want this game to succeed, I want destiny 2 to do well, division 2....why would I want any of them to fail... That only means less games to play. My biggest gripe right now however on Pc is optimization, it really needs it... Outside of that I'm ready to see how the game evolves.
  6. Yea I don't feel threatened by this game as a Destiny fan, I had 900 hours in D1 and I've 1000 in D2 and I want more games to decide between and enjoy. The more I've played this the more I notice the issues and I just hope we get a few good quality of life patches soon, especially the day 1 patch... I want things to feel more refined and polished. But the game has potential, however I still greatly prefer destiny 2 over this even tho it's hit a bit of a wall with its drip feed dlc.
  7. I admit that's part of my problem, I'm so competitive man... Honestly it's just how I'm wired lol like I said in another post in most PvP sessions if let's say I play 10 matches I generally end up 50 50 or better, and that gets me thru.
  8. So I'm in free roam but there are like 2 guys at most I've seen, and I'm getting my ass kicked in what I think are world events. What should I be doing in free roam this early on? @Mr.Vic20 @skillzdadirecta help me guys
  9. I think I just like games these days that give me more than just combat and to boot the br combat while tense, isn't my type overall. I can make kills but winning that type of match doesn't really motivate me at all. Believe me if I could find the love I would, I used the be the man that loves everything lol so when I can't find it I know there's a big disconnect.. I'm just not the type to discard games for the sake of it is all im sayin
  10. Ah that sucks. Yea those quality of life tweaks I hope and I'm sure will make their way in.. I'm definitely not a fan of respawning 100 miles away from battles. How do world events wrap up, a loot chest?
  11. So what is free roam like, destiny? I haven't had a chance yet, will do it tonight when I get rolling.. I have just been doing missions in the time I've played.
  12. That's why I don't get the incessant praise br gets in general.. Maybe it's a generation thing and I'm simply not in that mix, but I just personally don't get it nor how this stuff makes gazillions off skins. That's just me tho... For those that love it I say awesome but I can't get there when it comes to such barebone games either.
  13. You guys on Pc probably already know this but just incase, if you want to run 4k solid you can add: GstRender.ResolutionScale 0.800000 or 0.700000 In profile options_profile file It helped me attain pretty much a fairly decent 60 fps. Stupid they didn't add it in the settings. Anyways, I also agree about the npcs.. Definitely has that classic bioware feel