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  1. Loved Los.... The hate it received was totally off base.
  2. One of my most anticipated games, fucking can't wait.. And the 8bit game is just old school goodness
  3. Destiny 2, Dragon Quest 11 and some castlevania collection
  4. Symphony. But for old school I'd say Simons Quest, that music
  5. Lmao yea, it was about the thunderstorms in Zelda. I had said whoever designed those needed fired on the spot and not only are the mods fucking idiots the posters got all butt hurt too. Yea they are ridiculous with their modding. Really became a turn off for me snd it's why I pretty much faded out. I didnt mind it at first but after a few months getting warnings and banned for absolutely nothing, I just thought fuck this place man Ultimately with my clan discord that's where I catch a lot of game stuff and chat. I just game a ton more these days than post so when games get me I tend to vanish from the boards a bit. But my clan was formed as an era clan and most of the guys got annoyed with that place and we finally changed the name, they don't want any connection with them really.
  6. I watched this at like 5 am and I got a say at 29:34 when he busted out cobra commander I was cracking up lol
  7. I put 1000 hours into Destiny 2 and imho comparing the two games isn't called for as I find them both totally different. I love what D2 offers up til this point, it's a totally different feel than Anthem. Anthem just needs time, there's fun here to be had and it's worth a purchase if someone is interested. But it can only get better with these patches, alot of potential to be had here.
  8. I truly believe tho once the rhetoric is set people just go with it and everyone follows suit, and then it just domino effects from there downward. The game is alot of fun tho, I'm enjoying it... And once they continue to tighten it up even further, optimize it more, add quality of life tweaks.... It'll be pretty solid. I do want to see some more enemy variety and things of that nature, but that can all come in time What I'm loving is how the gameplay from one class to another is very different, and opens doors to enjoying many playstyles
  9. I'd try it again one day but man when this launched, I found it to be one hell of a pos... Was very disappointed
  10. Nothin but preferences at the end of the day, 70s and 80s for me are tops musically especially but also for movies. 90s had decent movies and early 2000s, but lately I haven't found near as many that I love like years past. Mainstream music since I'd say about 2000 onward is atrocious, to me at least. I wasn't a fan of the 90s but I'd take that over what I've heard the last 20 years.. But that's all moot when the 70s and 80s musically still give me plenty to listen to Watched the trailer again and I'm super pumped, lookin forward to March 22nd
  11. Vic or you having any issue with the game changing resolution upon start up? That's my only issue right now is that when I fire it up it's on like some low resolution and I bump it to 4k.
  12. It's definitely more interesting sounding than what current BRs are and something I'd try once it hits final release. Still as I've said the genre in general probably won't ever become any type of mainstay for me, but this definitely sounds way more interesting to me. Thanks for the heads up on it
  13. It's sad I used to love racing games but the luster faded one day... Haven't played one in ages but if I were to it would definitely be Dirt Rally
  14. I don't understand why gamers don't have middle grounds. It's either amazing or shit. And this is simply the norm it seems where these games release and are fucked up but do get fixed for the most part. If anyone put time into destiny, divison, final fantasy etc... They have not one leg to stand on when it comes to a game like Anthem and it's share of problems as that would be the ultimate in gaming hypocrisy. Not that I condone these games releasing in such manners, but this is the state of the gaming world right now with this type of game and the key factor is how well the devs respond. Watching reviews, reading chats... It's embarrassing to me seeing how people can't help to be rabid over every fucking flaw... Rabid. I played more tonight and it's a fun game, problematic but fun.. However how can I bash Bioware when I've played destiny for hundreds of hours? I can't. Only thing that will make Anthem rough for me is division so soon and then another season of D2 starting. But I think Anthem can succeed if they hit the game hard and address these issues which it seems they will do. But I agree above, people need to stop saying what they believe Bioware should've or shouldn't have done. It's their game, their vision and if the devs don't drop the ball they can make this a game worth it for the long haul. Might not be everyone's cup o tea but that's ok, what game is? BTW they need a tutorial badly as the fun factor increases dramatically when learning about primers and dets
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