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  1. I would say your best bet is to spend the money on a Pro Controller rather than another set of Joy-Con. The advantage of the Joy-Con is really more for games that utilize motion controls and HD rumble like Mario Odyssey, Arms, etc. Unless you will regularly get three other people to play with and local multiplayer is important, it's probably fine to have one set of Joy-Con (which you can either split or use together as one controller) and another Pro Controller. I would also say that the Pro is one of the most comfortable controllers I've used, and I find it hard to go back to the Joy-Con at least as far as TV play is concerned.
  2. This game is getting harder to resist. I was hoping that my complete apathy towards SW would allow me to skip this, but a single player, third-person jedi game is conjuring up strong memories of Dark Forces, KOTOR, etc. What I've seen of it looks fantastic.
  3. I'm in the same boat - I've been playing through the Zelda games, and am about 15 hours in Twilight Princess HD. I've basically only been playing Nintendo games for the past few months and I'm having a hard time wanting to go back to anything else. I also just started Luigi's Mansion 3 and that game just oozes joy and creativity. Nintendo seems to know how to make every minute detail in their games fun and interesting. I remember booting up Mario Odyssey for the first time and being blown away by how it felt just to move Mario around. I can't think of any other game where the movement by itself was a total blast.
  4. With lots of decade-in-review lists and articles going around recently, I thought it would be fun to see what people's favorite (and least favorite) games of this decade are. I'm finding it difficult to compile a list, and I'm certain that I'll think of things after the fact that I'd like to include, but off the top of my head here are my favorite games in no particular order: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Portal 2 Wolfenstein: The New Order Until Dawn Mario Kart 8 Prey Hitman Breath of the Wild Outer Wilds Device 6 As an aside, I remember joining Bad Cartridge in 2011, so this decade has partially been defined by discussing games with you all!
  5. The reception to this game is a great example of how videogames are still a nascent artform. Games media still generally lacks the ability to critically evaluate games that don't fit into pre-existing genres and that lack strong comparisons to other games. So, when games take huge swings (for better or worse) we rarely get an articulate consensus on their merits or shortcomings. Coverage has definitely evolved from the days of the magazine (was it GamePro?) that scored things on "sound", "fun factor", etc, but I still think there is a ways to go, mostly because of how derivative and similar most games are. This doesn't look interesting or all that fun to me, but I'm happy that such a strange game was made in the AAA space. Even if it falters, it's likely to be more interesting that lots of other modern games.
  6. I was with this movie up until Tarantino's narration about the poison in the coffee and then the timeline jump, which completely deflated all of the tension that had been built up in the first half. I also can't figure out if it's accidental or intentional that the only thing the final two characters can agree on is their hatred of a woman. That's either an interesting message about the nature of division and hatred along racial and gender lines, or it's just Tarantino getting his rocks off with violence against women for the sake of it.
  7. I'm coming to this story late, but I'm very confused why this is such an issue. Many Marvel movies are now among the top grossing films ever made, so why does it matter that filmmakers of a different generation don't like them? How much success is required for these people? I don't like these movies at all, and find them the cinematic equivalent of playing with my action figures and making up random rules on the fly so that Batman can win, but not everybody needs to like this shit for it to still be culturally dominant and wildly successful. If anything, the reaction to these quotes reeks of insecurity and desperation. This is like watching people meltdown over a critic's 7/10 review for a AAA videogame; perhaps people should stop making these corporate media properties a core component of their identity and recognize that art is subjective and that's okay.
  8. I'm playing through Wind Waker at the moment, after which I'll also be playing Twilight Princess. Let me know what you think as you move along!
  9. Just a heads up - Wal Mart is selling this in store for $69.88. It doesn't seem to appear on their website, but that was the sticker price when I picked it up yesterday. I got the last one, and the clerk said they'd sold out in a matter of hours.
  10. Thanks for clarifying. I've read up a bit on the "New" line of DS systems, and while that all sounds great, I think for my uses (catching up on 3DS and DS games and playing on the go), the 2DS should be fine. I'm interested in Link Between Worlds, Mario 3D Land, MK 7 (although I have 8 on Switch so maybe it's too redundant), Luigi's Mansion 2, NSMB 2, the Zelda remakes, etc. Any other less well known or 3rd party games I should prioritize? Kirby Canvas Curse looks awesome too.
  11. The price is what’s compelling to me - and I don’t really care for 3D for the most part. Do you not care for the cheese block 2DS as much as the others?
  12. This thread is mostly dead, but I wanted to get some opinions. I saw the 2DS with New Super Mario Bros. 2 going for $69, which seems like a steal for a system with such an expansive and celebrated library. Should I pull the trigger? I have a Switch but it's too big for me to carry around or play games while traveling, so I use it docked for the most part.
  13. The reception to this has been really positive, and some of the videos I've seen make it look really fun. I can see this being pretty good cardio if you don't cheat the exercises. I'm definitely excited for it.
  14. I've been playing Ocarina of Time exclusively. I am working my way through the Forest Temple, after just having transformed into adult Link. I'm really enjoying the game, and I think I finally understand why it's so highly regarded. That being said, I've had to look at a guide multiple times because I get lost frequently. Lots of the puzzles are logical and rewarding to figure out, but other things are frustratingly obtuse. For example, in the Forest Temple, one of the keys that you need is hidden on a log way up the wall before you even enter the front door. I can see how they've streamlined the game design in the later entries to avoid this kind of frustration. When I was younger and had all the time in the world, I can see how I would have loved exploring every inch of the map and wouldn't have minded the occasionally puzzling roadblocks, but as an adult with severely limited time for games, I am finding that I will ultimately have to rely on a walkthrough to get through the game. I'll pick up Wind Waker after I finish this one.
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