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  1. Love Burnout, but the first Dangerous Driving seemed so minimal that I never bothered to buy it. Maybe the second one will be more fleshed out and interesting.
  2. Any other Wii games that you recommend? So far I have Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Metroid Prime Trilogy, and Skyward Sword.
  3. I picked up Mad World and Muramasa: The Demon's Blade for Wii. I've been trying to take advantage of Wii U's back compatibility to play Wii games that I missed out on. I'd never heard of Muramasa before, but it looks really awesome so I'm excited to get to that.
  4. Both of these games look really fun and I've read some excellent reviews of both, but I haven't seen much discussion of them on D1P. I know RoR2 is still in early access, but I saw that it was out on Switch so I thought I'd see what the consensus here is. Also, are they good single-player games? I won't be playing online at all if I get them.
  5. I played KOTOR when it came out on Xbox and loved it. It's still the only game of its kind (turn-based RPG) that I've ever completed. I distinctly remember looking at my save file after beating it and seeing that I'd played it for a total of 48 hours, which I thought was sooooooo long. I remember it being clunky even back then, but the strength of the game is the accumulation of character moments and story turns rather than the gameplay. It's the only game I can remember playing where I agonized over dialogue choices, and felt incredibly clever when I negotiated a conversation well. I'm not particularly interested in Star Wars anymore, so I likely won't play this if it's a "re-imagining", but I definitely recommend revisiting it if you haven't played it and are interested in the concept.
  6. The GTA games are novel and highly influential, but I never really enjoyed playing them because the writing is sophomoric and awful and the mission structure never deviates throughout an entire game. Sleeping Dogs has always been my favorite game to use the structure and design of GTA.
  7. I'm going to amend my list and say that the Shadow of the Colossus remake deserves a spot. I'm playing it for the first time and I'm completely floored. It's probably the most beautiful and best sounding game I've played on my PS4. I also got The Last Guardian during the recent sale and will start that after I finish Shadow. I don't know why it's taken me this long to play these games, as it turns out they are a complete bullseye for my sensibilities.
  8. I'll reserve judgement until after I see it, but I'm disappointed that Nolan seems to be going back to the sci-fi expositionverse after the lean and incredible Dunkirk, which I consider his best film. This trailer reminded me of Inception, where the characters explain the plot of the movie for an hour before the movie really starts. "What's limbo?" *Joseph Gordon-Levitt walks into frame* "Unconstructed dream space".
  9. Replaying RE 2 again and it's amazing. It's one of the most replayable games of the past few years. I'm on hardcore and it's tough but super fun. The game's strengths really come into focus when saves are limited.
  10. Super Mario Galaxy 2 Astro Bot Portal 2 Wolfenstein: The New Order Until Dawn Mario Kart 8 Prey Hitman Breath of the Wild Outer Wilds
  11. Great list. Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is probably my favorite. It's a concentration of everything that makes those games great, and wraps up the story in a very interesting and conclusive way.
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