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  1. Eurogamer has a great write-up about this and gave it a Recommended: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-09-17-sayonara-wild-hearts-review-exuberance-precision-and-shattered-love
  2. In honor of the Dreamcast's anniversary, I got it out and set it up this weekend. My local game store replaced the controller ports, and I cleaned up and dusted inside the system and out. The system still runs perfectly after 20 years! I also took apart one of my controllers completely and cleaned it with soap and water. I've never really done any maintenance with any of my consoles, and it was really fun to take it apart and see how it works. The controller that I cleaned looks brand new now, so I'm thinking about doing the same for the other one at some point. I gave away most all of my games years ago (though I still have Seaman and Hydro Thunder), so I bought Tennis 2k2 and Crazy Taxi. Tennis 2k2 (Virtua Tennis 2) remains the best tennis game ever in my opinion, and it was still just as fun as I remembered. The Dreamcast is my favorite system of all time, and I'm now headlong into it again. I think I may buy a few other games at some point. I'd love to get another copy of Jet Grind Radio, Shenmue, and a few others that I missed out on at the time (Sword of the Berserk, Ecco, Toy Commander, etc.).
  3. It's really, really good. I would say that the first several hours are confusing, and it initially seems incoherent and fairly simple. After a few chapters though, it establishes a rhythm and its systems open up, and I'm blown away by how well the whole game works. Like most Platinum games, the story is of no consequence. It looks and sounds amazing, and the combat is almost overwhelmingly dynamic. I like it much more than Bayonetta, which is saying something because that game is amazing.
  4. I'm not a father, but my nephew (who's 6) has started getting into games, and I can attest that Mario Kart 8 is really fantastic for younger or inexperienced players. The auto accelerate and smart steering functions (both easily activated from the pause menu) are incredibly helpful in terms of making the game instantly accessible and easy to control. If you have a Wii U or Switch I would highly recommend that.
  5. I just finished this a few nights ago, and I loved every minute of it. For those who've finished the game:
  6. Awesome collection! I also just cleaned out my closet recently and found my Dreamcast, two controllers, and my fishing pole and microphone peripherals. Unfortunately the system needs some maintenance (the controllers aren't recognized, though apparently this is a common problem), and the only game I still have is Seaman. I sold the rest of them years ago and am kicking myself now.
  7. Hell yes!! I've been waiting forever for this! If anybody is not familiar with Simogo's games, they're amazing. Year Walk and Device 6 are two of the best mobile games I've ever played.
  8. Is the story enough of a factor to consider playing the old games first? I haven't played anything since GoW 2, and I remember next to nothing about the story.
  9. Environmental and diegetic storytelling are at the core of Remedy's games. They have all been short, dense experiences that are much more concerned about narrative than they are padding length. If you're not taking your time soaking in the world at every opportunity, you're missing what Remedy is going for. The debate about the length of games is tiring at this point - even if a game is 5 hours long, it's still likely to exceed the value of most any other form of entertainment. Paying $60 for a game that's this unique well-crafted is a no-brainer for me. Waiting until the price drops will of course provide even more value for your money, but the idea that games need to meet a certain length to be worth their cost is contributing to many of the adverse design decisions that have plagued otherwise great games this generation.
  10. Played a couple of hours of this tonight. It's enjoyable and has some really interesting things going on, but it's a bit janky and undercooked in some ways. It feels like a perfect Game Pass game, and it reminds of the AA games of yesteryear - ambitious but flawed, and destined to be a small cult favorite at some point in the future. It's definitely worth playing if you enjoy horror games or are a fan of the original film.
  11. I'm early on, but is there any point where it's necessary to grind for xp or modifications? I don't think the game has required, or even really encouraged any of the mods as far as I've played. Mostly they are a distraction, and a few of them I tried just because they seemed to encourage a different play style. They don't really seem necessary, but I haven't found them this intrusive.
  12. I decided to play the game on my Xbox One S regardless of current performance concerns, and I'm glad that I did. There are absolutely noticeable hitches and glitches (the map often times fails to load properly and FPS definitely diminish during large action scenes), but I can't say that it's significantly affecting my enjoyment of what is an absolute marvel of a game. Control is basically a convergence of all of Remedy's best ideas, with easily the best gunplay in their entire catalogue. It's more of a refined iteration rather than a revolution in terms of gameplay, but I would argue that so far this is the best and most interesting story that they've crafted. As somebody who adores The X-Files, Twin Peaks, and any other number of strange and weird sci-fi universes, this is like catnip for me. I can't speak to performance on the base PS4, but honestly the performance has not really been an issue for me on the S. I'll admit that I'm generally not too concerned about FPS, so I might just be more forgiving, but I don't think it's quite as severe as the DF video suggests, outside of a couple of rare occurrences (the few scenes they highlighted, and some hiccups during pausing and cutscenes aside). I'm assuming that they'll mostly iron out these things with a patch, so if you're sensitive to these issues and only have a base console like me, it might be best to wait. Otherwise, I heartily recommend this.
  13. Can't wait to play this. Platinum puts out consistently incredible work. I just played through Vanquish for the first time, and am replaying Bayonetta 2 off and on. This seems to be a really special developer at the top of their game.
  14. Has anybody played this on console? I bought this digitally on my Xbox One S, but haven't played it yet. Do you think these frame-rate hiccups are something that can be patched out, or is this just the state of the game for the foreseeable future? If it's the latter, I might try and refund it and get something else. It's a huge bummer for me.
  15. Most definitely The Last of Us for me. Relative to most narrative games at the time I can see why people were enthralled by the story, but it's about as generic and cliched as they come. Combine that with slow, static gameplay that doesn't evolve past the first hour or so and you've got an exceptionally average video game. The painfully slow movement and deleterious focus on realism makes it feel in retrospect like a distant cousin of RDR2 (the least fun game ever made).
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