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  1. After playing several hours of the game, and getting through the first "open" or "wide-linear" section, here are my impressions: This is a fantastic looking game. I'm playing on a base PS4, and it looks gorgeous. The environmental design, lighting, and models look excellent, and there are lots of tiny details and flourishes when you look around that add to the atmosphere and immersive quality of the game. The gameplay is slow, methodical, and intentional. You constantly need to take stock of your resources, and since ammo is scarce, it's usually better to avoid combat, at least through the early part of the game. The game is almost entirely focused on making you feel like you're fighting to survive a bleak and brutal environment; you have to craft and replace gas mask filters, manually charge your flashlight, and pull out your map and backpack in real-time without a pause menu. Unlike RDR 2, in which I found similarly slow and deliberate mechanics boring, unnecessary, and at odds with the rest of the game, in Metro these things are essential in grounding you in the world. They also have real consequences to the gameplay, and are not mindless window-dressing. For example, you have to clean your guns, they will actually jam and experience significant drops in quality if you fail to do so. I'd read a lot about how janky these games are, and while I certainly see some of that, I don't find them any more glitchy or bug-ridden than something like Skyrim or Fallout. I switched the dialogue to Russian, which is interesting, but there is alot of cross-talk that can be hard to keep up with. The weakest part of the game seems to be the script, and the VO delivery is occasionally mistimed. But, those things aren't really detracting from my enjoyment of the game. Through about 8 hours, there has been alot of interesting variety in the environments, and lots of cool scripted moments that happen organically while you're exploring the world. I'm really enjoying my time with it, and would recommend it to anybody who enjoys single-player FPS games. Also, I haven't played any of the previous Metro games, but there is a really well-done in-game recap that goes over the main plot points at the beginning, so lack of exposure to the previous games shouldn't be a deterrent from this one.
  2. ShreddieMercuryRising

    General Gaming ~*D1P's Games of 2019*~

    I beat Resident Evil 2 on Standard with the Leon A and Claire B scenarios. I've now started a Hardcore run with Claire A, and will then do Leon B. It's a completely brilliant game, and probably the best RE game that I've played (between REmake, RE 4, and RE 7). The puzzles and exploration I found to be perfect, and just obtuse enough to make you think while not being so inscrutable as to require the help of tips or a guide. I don't typically like metroidvania games because I get lost easily and can't recall exactly where I need to go or what to use. RE 2 on the other hand includes some metroidvania elements, but makes use of an ingenious map system and a relatively small environment to keep forward momentum near-constant. I only got stuck once, but figured it out quickly with a glance through my items and a peak at the map. I think it's the ultimate expression of what RE has always striven to be. My only criticism is that the Sewer environment is not nearly as interesting at the Police Station, but I still quite enjoy the campy, over-the-top horror vibe of the last third of the game. I bought Metro Exodus yesterday, and am really excited to start playing it. I haven't played any previous Metro games, but I've read really great things about them, and the comparisons to Wolfenstein have gotten me very excited to dive into that world.
  3. Omg are you saying it's not one of teh best evar games?? The Last of Us is the GOAT, all the feels, etc.
  4. I just started a hardcore run last night and swapped the soundtrack to the original. It's amazing! Gives the the game a different vibe, but it's such an incredible soundtrack. I highly recommend trying it if you haven't.
  5. Would it be ok to play this one without having played the previous two games? Lush, lovingly constructed single-player games are really all I want to play these days, but I don't have time to play the first two to catch up on the story.
  6. I don't love Polygon reviews, but their two recent features about Resident Evil 2 and the 90's Nintendo Power console design contest were excellent, and generally leagues more interesting than other comparable video game journalism.
  7. ShreddieMercuryRising

    Movies Mission Impossible 7&8

    As much as I love the McQuarrie films, and I genuinely think that 5 & 6 are the best in the series, I hope that they hand directorial duties over to somebody new.
  8. ShreddieMercuryRising

    General Gaming Gametester leaks Batman Arkham Crisis for 2019 (Rumor)

    In for everything except the size of the map. The size of the map runs inverse to the amount of fun I have in open-world games. Except for Breath of the Wild, but that's because Nintendo is on their own level generally.
  9. I didn't enjoy the first Evil Within, but the second one is one of my favorite games from the past few years. I am nearing the end of Leon's A scenario in RE 2, and I can confidently say that this is some of the most fun I've had in a game this generation. I'm so excited to see what the plan is moving forward, and I'm completely on board with whatever direction they decide to go (continuing with remakes or progressing to 8 and beyond).
  10. What counts as a critical hit? Just when the reticle closes in? I feel like I've gotten more than two of those into a leg and not had it come off, but maybe I'm not hitting a weak spot (knee?).
  11. ShreddieMercuryRising

    General Gaming Pikuniku - 'Wake Up' Launch Trailer (PC/Switch)

    This looks awesome. Would love to get it on Switch at some point.
  12. Got about three hours in last night. So far I'm LOVING this game. It perfectly combines the atmosphere and general structure of the early games with all of the modern gameplay touches found in Resident Evil 4 and on. The graphics, setting, and sound design in particular are incredible; the last game I played that sounded this good was Hellblade, where the sound was basically the primary mechanic. I'm excited to play through it again and swap the original soundtrack, but the minimal ambience of the OST is appropriate and unnerving. Probably too early to say, but so far this is exactly what I've always wanted from a Resident Evil game. It seems to combine all of the best elements from across the entire series into a tight, exceptionally designed horror experience. Bravo Capcom.
  13. This is fascinating. I don't recall ever having seen such an honest video announcement from Nintendo; is there precedence for this?