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  1. Prey, Dishonored 2, and Doom are on the shortlist of best games this generation, and other stuff like Wolfenstein and Evil Within 2 are similarly excellent if not quite top-tier. Having games of this caliber as exclusives/day-one for Gamepass Subscribers is monumental for MS.
  2. Damn, this is insane. I thought that the long game Xbox has been playing was already starting to pay off handsomely, but this essentially makes Sony's next-gen strategy look like Blockbuster Video in comparison.
  3. Great film. I'm friends with some of the filmmakers, and am actually in the credits NBD. The cut I saw was from about 6 months ago, and it sounds like lots of COVID-specific content was added before the official release, so I'll have to watch it again now that it's streaming.
  4. I'm not sure, I've only been using the Shudder app. I have a Roku TV and an Apple TV, and it's part of the app on both. I haven't tried it through Prime, but I assume that it only shows up in the app.
  5. I subscribed to Shudder recently, and first off I cannot recommend it enough if you enjoy horror/thriller/suspense movies. They have a really deep and well curated catalogue of great stuff, with some excellent original programming as well. But perhaps the best thing about it is "Shudder TV", which is essentially just a few tabs of their interface where they are constantly streaming something. This is an incredible feature, and lets you get sucked into a movie without the paralysis of choice that's so common to streaming. I don't have cable anymore, so the ability to just have so
  6. All of the recent PS5 information has made me realize how strong Microsoft's position may be going into this next generation. The expense of new games, controllers, and consoles makes Game Pass that much more appealing. Couple that with it being the most powerful possible way to play the majority of games on consoles, and I'm thinking that an Xbox is a much more solid proposition than it has been for years. Sony will of course have a handful of dynamite exclusives, but big picture wise, an Xbox Series X may be a savvier purchase. I don't really need a console at launch, but the past severa
  7. It's weird, I think games haven't ever been better, but I'm also not feeling too great about the future. The split between indie and AAAA is growing more severe, MTX and GaaS will continue to ramp up, and the homogenization of most big-budget narrative/open-world games makes them feel interchangeable. I've had some of my best experiences gaming in the past 5-6 years, but also portend a rather bleak future for where games might go as they continue to overtake other forms of media in popularity and revenue. I think the best stuff will likely come from unexpected places next-gen. The messy an
  8. I am extremely excited for this. Mario Galaxy and Mario Sunshine HD are worth the price of admission in my eyes, especially since it seems that a Pro Controller with gyro controls and a dedicated spin button will likely be the definitive control method for Galaxy. And I've always wanted to play Sunshine. Of course I would have loved Galaxy 2 and documentaries and everything remade in the Odyssey engine for less money because baby wants baba, but I'm not really understanding the whinging about this considering Nintendo (or any other source) never once indicated that this collection would be
  9. Conservative Evangelical Asks God To Give Her Strength To Incorporate Forced Hysterectomies Into Belief System WWW.THEONION.COM CORDOVA, TN—Praying that the Lord Almighty would help her understand the recent whistleblower reports about Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s treatment of migrant detainees, conservative evangelical woman Melissa Carson reportedly asked God Tuesday to give her strength to incorporate forced hysterectomies into her belief system. “Lord, show me how the forced removal of the uterus from multiple...
  10. I'm in the exact same boat. I'm interested just because of how revered the first one is, but completely agree on the art style and the videos of gameplay. If doesn't really look like too much fun, but hopefully I'm just missing something and I end up loving it, since platform games are generally my favorite.
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