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  1. I was lukewarm on Inside Llewyn Davis when I saw it in the theater, but I watched it again a few years afterwards and I now consider it to be in the top 2 or 3 best Coen Bros. films. I would say it's very much worth revisiting.
  2. I see there's a console patch for Ion Fury now, has anybody played that? I've very tempted @Bloodporne
  3. Missionary just right in the middle, average as can be.
  4. Do you have any Apple products? I would recommend playing it however you can if you're interested, because I'm pretty blown away so far. The game's mobile origins are sometimes apparent in the graphics, but otherwise it's a fully-fledged console-quality 2D game. Capcom released a real-deal metroidvania and nobody noticed!
  5. Totally, even Salem's Lot is around 600 or so pages. I was surprised by the length, but it's very readable and I've been gripped by the story so it's gone by pretty quickly. I've picked up IT at bookstores and been confused as to how I would even hold it while reading though.
  6. I wanted to add Shinsekai: Into the Depths. This originally released on Apple Arcade, but came to Switch a couple of months ago. I picked it up and am really enjoying it. It's a very atmospheric exploration/metroidvania game with light survival elements and an awesome soundtrack. If you like these kinds of games, I can't recommend it enough.
  7. I was just thinking about creating a Stephen King book thread. I've never read any of his stuff but I picked up Salem's Lot recently and am really enjoying it!
  8. Thanks for the recommendation, that looks awesome and I've never heard of it. On sale for $4.49 on PS4 at the moment so I'm going to grab it.
  9. It's certainly weird to say that there is multiplayer when there isn't, but that's from a snippet of an interview or two and to my knowledge nothing that they ever showed even had the slightest hint that No Man's Sky was a cooperative/multiplayer game. Also, it played nearly identically to how it was presented on day one before anything else was patched in. If you watch the first trailer, literally all of that is in the game, and just like every single other video game trailer, they put all of the interesting content all together when in reality it's not all actually present within the same few minutes of game play. It's fine to not like it (I don't), but it definitely serves as a weird sociological experiment about how the internet is able to manifest expectations from nothing and then be disappointed when these imaginary things don't exist.
  10. Looks awesome. I had Shudder for a bit and it was great. The coolest thing about it is that they are always streaming something sort of like a cable channel, so you boot up the service and something is going in the background that you can get sucked into. I don't understand why all streaming services haven't done this, as I found it helped me avoid the endless menu browsing and decision paralysis that makes up most of my time on Netflix and Prime.
  11. I couldn't find a thread specifically for indie games, so I thought it would be fun to start a recommendations/review thread specifically for smaller or independent games that aren't discussed as much. There are lots of interesting indie games that have caught my eye recently: Lonely Mountains and Ion Fury have both been out for a while, but I've been waiting for the Switch versions. Anything else of note that people have played or are interested in?
  12. I have a launch switch and my joy cons do not drift. It's also my understanding that the drift issue can (in most cases) be explained by particle buildup under the sticks, and can be rectified with some contact cleaner and compressed air.
  13. Prey Ape Out Arms Hellblade Grow Home Inside The Evil Within 2 Zombi Tetris 99 Yoku's Island Express Affordable Space Adventures
  14. That looks like 8th Generation: The Game. I guess the graphics are nice, but the gameplay looks painfully generic. Breath of the Wild has made this format obsolete for me.
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