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  1. I didn't love it, but it was interesting, and I really like Ethan Hawke. I'm trying to think of other time travel stuff I enjoyed - I remember liking Timecrimes. Not time travel related but I really liked Coherence as well.
  2. My friend bought me Max Payne on PC for my 13th birthday. I still have the original disc. I remember being unsure if my computer would run it, but it did and I was absolutely blown away. Max Payne 2 remains one of my favorite games ever, and I still replay it occasionally on the original Xbox. Max Payne 3 was one of the biggest gaming disappointments I've ever experienced.
  3. Olympic Organizers Fire Lead Choreographer Bashar Al-Assad After Use Of Chemical Weapons Comes To Light WWW.THEONION.COM TOKYO—With hours to go before the start of an Olympics already fraught with controversy, organizers of the Tokyo Games announced Thursday they had fired their lead choreographer for the opening ceremonies, Bashar al-Assad, after learning about the Syrian president’s past use of chemical weapons. “It’s has recently…
  4. Great choice. Zelda is an all-timer and easily the best game of the last generation. Mario Odyssey is probably the second best 3D Mario game after Galaxy, which you can now play in glorious HD via All-Stars. Not that you need more games but I would suggest Mario Kart 8 if you haven't played it, and also Astral Chain, absolutely incredible game.
  5. So glad to see it's as phenomenal as the early looks made it seem. Will probably jump on this soon.
  6. I played through this a few years ago on Wii and I thought it was phenomenal. The motion controls were fantastic, and the non stop whinging about them is ludicrous. It's also so specifically designed around the motion control scheme that I don't think it would be the same game otherwise.
  7. Lots of haters out there, but Breath of the Wild is the best game of the past 10 or so years, so get one at some point if you can. Luckily you can still play the other best game, Outer Wilds.
  8. Yeah I always forget that Spielberg was somehow involved with that game! It's strange that it never was ported anywhere, because it's really awesome, and the only Wii-specific feature is that you have to flick the controller. It would be easy to replicate on a joy con, or even with a controller's thumbstick. Treasure is still active in some capacity I think, but they sadly haven't made any games since 2014 from what I can find. S&P 2 is phenomenal though.
  9. I thought you had a Switch? If you ever get one, or if it comes out on other systems, definitely look into it. I rarely enjoy metroidvania games but I loved it. It really nails the feeling of being underwater and desperately diving and grappling around. The atmosphere and soundtrack are awesome too. The only downside is that it's not great visually, at least on the TV.
  10. The Dreamcast and Wii library are full of stuff that is generally forgotten or overlooked, and most of it is stuck on those systems. Stuff on the Wii like Deadly Creatures, Boom Blox, Sin & Punishment 2, Lost in Shadows, etc. More recently, I can vouch for Shinsekai: Into the Depths, which is a metroid-ish game that came out on Apple Arcade and then was ported to Switch. Seems like nobody played it, but it's excellent.
  11. I thought the premise is that people are sent back in time due to the difficulty of committing murder in the future, and assassins eventually must succumb to the same fate. I think that the reason for the loopers' escape being that they are unable to kill themselves is super, duper dumb, because there is seemingly no reason that any of the other loopers couldn't finish the job. The fact that the film's rules revolve around something so arbitrary and easily avoidable is why I didn't like it.
  12. I am generally able to suspend my disbelief during a movie and I try not to actively nitpick or find plotholes. But if stuff is too glaringly obvious while I'm watching the movie, and isn't the result of thinking about it or dissecting it later, then I consider it a problem with the film. My issue with Looper wasn't the "drop them into the ocean or a furnace" thing. But from pretty early on, I kept thinking to myself, "why send people back to themselves if there are other loopers". It makes no sense at all. Yes, I understand that there would be no movie if he doesn't escape, but if a plot
  13. I haven't seen this, but how bad is the story in comparison to Looper, which I consider the dumbest time travel movie of all time?
  14. This is pretty awesome. It's heartening to know that people are still keeping these old systems alive. I have an old GBA, but its screen is not lit, which I totally forgot was even a thing. Might have to upgrade at some point, but I also don't have many games to play.
  15. Still on the hunt. I have been following Wario 64 on twitter and checking every day to see if there is a new drop on Nintendo's site, but nothing yet. I'm traveling this weekend so I hope I don't miss it when they go up, but I most likely will because I can never time these things right.
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