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  1. Agreed 100% on F-Zero and Advance Wars, though I'm not a fan of the other franchises. Still would have been cool though for those who were! I was going to say Pilot Wings but then I looked it up and I guess there was a Pilot Wings game on 3DS that I didn't know about. I only had a 3DS for a brief time, and though the games were awesome I realized that I just didn't personally enjoy playing games portably. It makes me sort of sad that Nintendo will probably continue the hybrid strategy into the distant future, because I really liked having a split between portable and home consol
  2. How is this real. The tone of that video is almost indistinguishable from a Tim and Eric sketch.
  3. I'm not very tech-literate, but I feel like I really missed a step in this whole framerate conversation, because for as long as I can remember it's been about 4k/60fps and how 30fps gives gamers motion sickness and makes them throw up. But now it seems we've skipped that and gone straight to 120fps and VRR and 120hz. I can't keep up with what's required for people to enjoy games without thinking they're trash.
  4. Power Stone?? But not for another 4 years??? The melee system in TLOU 2 is unreal, but it happens very fast and like the first game it's not really a primary combat strategy. But the animations and the way they blend together is so advanced and unprecedented that the game feels like it's from 5 years into the future.
  5. I've never played any Souls games, save for Sekiro which I thought was bullshit. Is it possible that I would enjoy another one of these games? I understand the elevator pitch about these games, about how the precise nature of the combat forces mastery, and the rules of the world force you to be patient and intentional with play. I didn't get that with Sekiro. What I started to understand over time is that the game didn't only want you to master its mechanics and systems, you were forced to master each individual enemy and boss. So essentially it became starting at square one ov
  6. Ok looks like it's finally time for me to fucking step in up to make up for the lost users!! CONSIDER ME ACTIVATED. In all honesty, arguments on the internet are 99% ineffective, so while it sucks that people leave, often the best strategy is to just not engage. Almost everything is declarative in these argumentative posts, and the points are just made over and over again circuitously. It becomes obvious when someone is not going to listen/read actively and challenge their own assumptions about whatever information is presented, so in those cases I do think its best to purely di
  7. I bought mine at the Microsoft Store on the eve of launch and it's not getting here until 12/22.
  8. Can you enable auto-HDR for all games, including back compatible games? Or is it only enabled for certain games? I'm really excited to try out that feature.
  9. I voted PS3/360/Wii. Even though this generation has several games that I would call all-time greats, overall it was more of a refinement of game mechanics and visuals from previous generations, with some added quality of life improvements and easier access. Lots of games from the previous generation still feel so good to play that they could be mistaken for current-gen games were it not for the reduced visual quality, which says a lot I think.
  10. This is a bummer. US/Eurogamer are the only gaming sites that I read regularly. Maybe D1P needs to step in to fill the gap?? We have quite a few excellent games writers/thinkers on this board.
  11. I definitely understand that his mixes are a conscious artistic choice, but maybe when your choice is "give me an enchilada of sound", it's the wrong one.
  12. My wife is a telemetry nurse, and her floor is now used for ICU overflow with the hospital being at full capacity. Her hospital was not giving (or unable to procure for) their nurses the proper PPE equipment (N95) until September, instead relying on cloth masks that were sanitized with UV rays. We've essentially been restricting ourselves to seeing our parents outside on their porch maybe once or twice a month since March, with no other contact. It's absolutely infuriating to see people not taking this seriously, even as it's now worse in Colorado than it has been all year. The
  13. Are backwards compatible Xbox and 360 games getting any optimization outside of auto-HDR? Still waiting to see what's up with my Microsoft store order. It has an estimated delivery of 12/22, but I paid for expedited shipping and I have a pending charge on my card. I don't mind waiting but it would be a nice surprise to get it sooner.
  14. I feel you. I was able to order one through the Microsoft Store last night, but the delivery date is 12/22. Who knows if they'll ship it sooner. I drove to two Walmarts this morning because they both listed that they had in-store stock, but then both said they were not selling them in-store. However, they are doing orders today starting at 12pm EST, and I'm guessing they'll allocate those shipments in the next few days.
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