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  1. Agree with @Brick, Okami is what you want. Beautiful and amazing game. People always complain that it the first several hours are slow, but I didn't find that to be case, I was engaged the whole time. The whole game is too long, but that's about the only bad thing I can say about it.
  2. It's worth saying here that it's a shame that the Wii control scheme wasn't adopted more widely, because I think it's the best console control setup ever. And lightgun games were amazing on Wii.
  3. How's Olli Olli Switch Stance? I saw it's $3 on the eshop right now.
  4. Great post, and I appreciate the push back. There are a few games in the past several years that have absolutely blown me away. Playing through Outer Wilds for example was probably one of the top 2 or 3 game experiences I've ever had. Sayonara Wild Hearts is another great example of something super unique and original and rare. And things in the VR space like Rez Infinite and Paper Beast are absolutely mindblowing in a "how did games get here" kind of way. I think my cynicism comes from the fact that there is practically zero middle-ground - these are small, experimental proje
  5. Pretty damning piece, though the strategy totally makes sense and I don't think this will hurt them, at least for a while. It's not just Sony either - gaming in general has become more and more homogeneous and AAA focused. Not to over generalize, because there have been some exceptional games recently, and the hardware and QOL improvements have made video games as frictionless as they've ever been. But for the bulk of last generation and up to now, options typically boil down to AAA third-person open world, GAAS with loot/MTX, or indie rogue-lite/metroidvania. The risk aversion is not just
  6. Yes, subscription based models for media are inherently bad, as they take ownership out of the equation and become purely about consumption and discardment. It also creates a drive to calculate the value that can be extracted from membership - I need to play x games or watch x movies to make my subscription worthwhile - which turns it into a chore. As we've seen with Netflix, the quality of content slowly degrades over time because the only thing that matters is that there is quantity enough to be consumed by the rabid subscribers (who aren't very discerning). Ironically, the com
  7. I've been on an FPS kick and decided to double dip on Doom Eternal so that I could get the DLC's to play on my XSX. After remapping the controller and really coming to grips with the mechanics, I think it's easily in the top 3 or 4 best FPS games I've ever played. For its particular style it's probably the best. I beat the game on PS4 last year and thought it was great, but I can't stress enough how much I missed by using the default control scheme. I had settled into a repeating pattern of taking down all enemies in certain ways, and thought that it was fun but got pretty tires
  8. Matt Gaetz Claims Sex Trafficking Allegations Stem From Powerful Enemies In Ms. Bassman’s Geometry Class WWW.THEONION.COM WASHINGTON—Dismissing the accusations as a conspiracy by his political opponents to take him down, Rep. Matt Gaetz reportedly claimed Friday that allegations of sex trafficking levied against him stemmed from powerful enemies in Ms. Bassman’s geometry class. “These spurious and completely false rumors are clearly the work of Madison and Brianna,” said Gaetz (R-FL), adding that the text messages and...
  9. Yes please, any and all opinions about these types of games you've played!
  10. DUSK is really good from what I've played, but I generally can't stand playing games on my 13" Mac, so I'm waiting for the Switch port to complete it. The thing that seems to set it apart from other retro shooters is that the level design is pretty phenomenal. Of the games I've played that is often the missing ingredient.
  11. I haven't seen a thread dedicated to the retro-FPS resurgence so I figured it would be good to highlight some of the amazing games in this genre from recent years. I haven't played most of these, and the majority are PC-only at the moment. Many will hopefully get good console ports down the line. Project Warlock (2018) Available on Steam, Xbox, Playstation, and Switch Ion Fury (2019) Available on Steam, Xbox, Playstation, and Switch (note - the developers were chastised for including two homophobic references in the game. One wa
  12. Good call on Steamworld Dig 2, that game is amazing. It's also the perfect length. I don't know if I have 5 of them because I don't typically enjoy these kinds of games, but from what I've played, I would put Ori and the Will of the Wisps at the very top.
  13. I'm also really mixed on RE7. I thought the gameplay and puzzles were pretty great, and I didn't mind the first-person perspective as much as I thought I would. But I couldn't stand the environment and the overall story. That's a big rub I have with most of the RE games that I've played - how hard is it to just give me a creepy mansion/castle/house, etc. and make it engaging for the entire game? RE2 is completely brilliant throughout the entire police station, and then really bottoms out when you hit the sewers and the lab. RE4 is excellent throughout the village and most of t
  14. New Colossus is really good, but New Order is much better in my opinion. I'd assume that it wasn't reviewed as well because it was a cross-gen title and doesn't stand up graphically like other games that came out later. It also released early on in the retro shooter cycle that we're still thankfully experiencing (pre Doom 2016 and lots of other retro FPS games), so perhaps critics weren't warmed to a game like this yet. New Order also has a much stronger story than New Colossus, and it has a perfect ending. It's best approached as more of an action-adventure game than a shooter,
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