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  1. I'll preface this with saying that I've almost exclusively been playing racing games for the past few months. Ever since my wife and I had a baby in November, my game time has been limited and I've stuck with stuff that I can hop into and out of very quickly. Racing games fit this bill perfectly. I've gotten really into the genre, and primarily focused on arcade racing games that are immediately satisfying and fun (the piss poor state of modern racing probably is threadworthy by itself). It's been a blast to master the mechanics of older stuff like Sega Rally, Daytona USA, Hydro Thunder, Virtua Racing, etc. Most of these games strike a perfect balance between accessibility and depth and have been incredibly satisfying to learn and play. But I've started to recently also dip into modern racers. That brings me to Grid Legends, which was boneheadedly released at the same time as Elden Ring. Understandably, it's been fairly forgotten from what I can tell, but it is not deserving of having to struggle in the shadow of bigger releases. This is a phenomenal racing game in almost every respect. On the negative side It has a very cheesy FMV story mode directly ripped from Drive to Survive (still enjoyable though), and the main menu seems to have been EA-ified, though thankfully there do not seem to be any MTX. This is primarily a single player focused, non open-world, sublime racing game that puts almost anything else in the genre in recent years to shame from my perspective. It is arcade focused, but you can tune it to be realistic in very fun ways if that's what you fancy. Playing from the cockpit view, the racing itself is exhilarating, and the handling is about as perfect for this type of thing as I think you could get. The AI system is fantastic - the races are rough and tumble, and certain actions during races will make other drivers your "nemesis", which then affects how they race against you. I have never played a Grid game before, so maybe they're all this good and I'm just out of the loop. But if you like racing games, and miss the days when pure, adrenaline filled fun was the priority for the genre, you would do well to check this game out. From my perspective it's been very critically underrated, and unfortunately released at about the worst time I could think of.
  2. I've been almost exclusively playing my Dreamcast and having a total blast. I can squeeze in a few rounds of Soul Calibur or Virtua Tennis and feel satisfied in a way that I'm not with longer, denser games.
  3. My wife and I just had a baby girl last November. So far my gaming time has certainly decreased, but it actually makes me more diligent about what I'm playing and when. And it helps that I'm really not interested in most new games, so I'm satisfied playing a lot of older and more arcade oriented stuff that I can jump into quickly, and that tend to be much shorter. I will usually play in the evening when she falls asleep. My wife and I also rotate the bedtime routine, so I get some time on my "off" nights. Even if I didn't have a baby, I can't imagine playing shitty live service games that are designed to waste your time anyway. The only game I'm looking forward to this year is Bomb Rush Cyberfunk.
  4. Really fantastic humble bundle that includes lots of games mentioned here: Best of Boomer Shooters Bundle WWW.HUMBLEBUNDLE.COM Get retro FPS games like DUSK and AMID EVIL. Plus, pay what you want & support charity!
  5. You actually don't even have to do any soldering. I bought a used Xbox last year, removed the capacitor and replaced the thermal paste. Working on consoles can be scary at first, but some of these older machines are generally much easier to take apart. For the Xbox, you really only have to unscrew the top, unplug the power supply and disc drive, and then unscrew the trays that they lay in. You can then use some needle nose pliers and just twist off the clock capacitor without much force at all. There are plenty of videos online outlining the process, but this one seems to be pretty straightforward and is exactly what I did to mine: Of course you should call your local game shops to see if they'd do it for you if you prefer that, but if they won't, I promise it's not too hard of a project and it's pretty fun to work on the console.
  6. Good timing finding this thread. I'm trying to find a mechanical keyboard as well, as I've been using a mushy lenovo that came with my computer. It'll mostly be for work and some light gaming. The world of mechanical keyboards is pretty deep and confusing, and I think I'm burning myself out with research. Is there a simple keyboard on the cheaper side with good build quality? I don't really care about RGB or customization or macros or anything. I just want to improve my typing experience, and a I need a number pad. I was looking at the Logitech K845, which seems very reasonably priced at $60. Any other similar recommendations?
  7. A good friend of mine gifted me his old workstation PC, and I've used it to replace my old work laptop. It's not a gaming computer, but from what I can tell, the installed NVIDIA Quadro P4000 is no slouch when it comes to games. For the most part I've only worked on a Mac so that I can also utilize Logic for music making, but I now find myself with the possibility of tapping into the endless PC gaming space. To be clear, I'm not particularly interested in newer games, or trying to push visuals (which this GFX card won't really allow anyway). I have a Series X that I can use to play 4K stuff, so I'm mostly interested in the older or less demanding things that I've missed out on since only gaming on consoles. I really love retro FPS games, and can now play most of the stuff listed in the "retro FPS" thread - speaking of which, @Commissar SFLUFAN, do you have favorite games in this genre from the recent crop? I was looking at Ultrakill, HROT, and Post Void. I already bought Return to Castle Wolfenstein (which has a cool overhaul mod called RealRTCW). So, I'd love for people to dump any older/unique/early access stuff that's entirely unique to PC here if they have suggestions!
  8. I've given myself enough time with this game that I can safely say, recency bias aside, this is one of the best FPS games ever made. I played a bit of it on my Mac a couple years ago, but the Switch port and it's perfect gyro controls are what helped me finally get to grips with how the game is supposed to play, and appreciate how brilliant it is in almost every respect. Switch + Pro Controller Gyro = one of the best FPS experiences of the past several generations, and likely ever. Anybody that likes this genre, please play this game.
  9. This was really disappointing. I thought the script for the first half was very strong and it was a genuinely clever way to continue the story, but outside of that, it feels and look like a direct-to-SyFy channel movie in comparison to the originals. I appreciate the middle finger approach to making a sequel, but this is just a sad shadow. The VFX weren't necessarily bad, but they have the same digital weightless, sloppy feeling that most modern movies suffer from. The original also has phenomenal cinematography, and really striking camerawork. Just compare the first scene with Trinity and this movie's opening recreation, it's brutal. It has a different visual style, and that's fine, but I couldn't feel any energy behind anything happening in Resurrections. The original movie, and even the less well-received sequels, had a wild creative charge that is completely absent here.
  10. Considering how homogeneous the majority of hollywood movies are these days, there is practically zero chance that I won't enjoy something that's taking huge swings like this. There is nothing that the Wachowski's have done that I haven't at the very least really appreciated if not outright loved, and The Matrix is probably a top five all time favorite of mine. It's also easily the most exciting theater experience I've ever had. That said, what the fuck is up with these twitter "reactions" for every movie? "OMG you guys I LAUGHED and I also CRIED so hard and I have a totally new perspective on existence now". The hyperbole is just hilarious, and it's particularly dialed up with anything Marvel related. I can't believe we're getting a new Matrix movie in two days, and we somehow also got four hours of MacGruber already. 2021 is redeemed at the last minute.
  11. The New Yorker published a pretty fun list as well. It's not in any order. The Best Video Games of 2021 | The New Yorker WWW.NEWYORKER.COM As the industry confronts its cultural failings, smaller, more independent games have stepped into the breach.
  12. I doubt sales will turn around dramatically enough to match or exceed Sony this generation, but it's pretty clear to me at this point that MS has the winning strategy for the immediate future, and that the Xbox ecosystem is easily the best among the competition. We're still a ways away from seeing the fruits of their acquisitions, but in the next couple of years, I'm guessing we'll start getting marquee first party games so frequently on Game Pass that it will become an even more absurdly fantastic value proposition than it already is. The legwork that they've been doing for several years is going to pay off handsomely, and will be tough to match. The much touted SSD stuff on both machines is minimally impactful at best, and since games are becoming more and more homogeneous, it's likely going to be about the quantity and quality of content rather than any specific "next-gen" feature. Add to the fact that you don't have to be spending $70 and it'll be a no-brainer to a lot of non-enthusiasts about which box to choose. The backwards compatibility stuff is also maybe my favorite thing that I've seen from Xbox. I know it's finished now, but they really went all out on this last batch of games, and the effort to preserve and improve incredible experiences from the past three generations is admirable and much appreciated. I was stunned to be able to put F.E.A.R. into my Xbox and play it at 4k/60fps with HDR. Playing Sonic Generations with the same enhancements turns it into the best Sonic game and something that could come out today. The list goes on.
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