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  1. None of them were past the first one. They all were a retread other than Salvation which I liked. I suspect sequels keep being made just to hold on to the copywrite.
  2. Bad Terminator sequels really bring out the worst in people, don't they.
  3. What's really bizarre is that when you set a claymore your character says "dropping a claymore" loud enough that enemy players can hear you say it to help them find you.
  4. The developers did say that they made the multiplayer for noobs. They said in an interview that the short TTK is to help new players feel like they have a chance and that the maps were designed so that players could feel safe and can take their time. Safe spaces for noobs: The Game. I can understand why COD players don't like Battlefield.
  5. Remember when Kojima told us we'd be bored for half the game or so? He wasn't tolling. Remember the demonstration at TGS and gamers were hoping there was more to the game? There isn't.
  6. Call of Claymore: Modern Campfare The biggest complaint, even from some of the big COD shills, is that you can't run and gun, you can't rush. Unless you're playing against morons, which is rare with it's skill based matchmaking, the maps are so badly designed that you have to camp and treat every match like a sweaty esport tournament.
  7. There's a new pvp mode in Destiny 2 tailor made for the COD kids where the TTK is quick, no radar, heavy ammo spawns all day and respawn after death is instant. The game is free so it's currently the best thing evar.
  8. That part about stoner philosophy, the cell phone is like handcuffs had me rollin.
  9. Looks like the PVE will be similar to the Event co-op modes just permanent.
  10. 25 If I win give it to my #1 hater @darkness35
  11. I read somewhere that the ending cutscene is two hours long. That can't be true...
  12. Those Nightmare Hunts are fun and kinda make up for the puny number of new strikes but no loot at the end blows. The Altars of Sorrow event at Sorrows Harbor is pretty awesome.
  13. The only thing some if these reviews are telling me is that the game is a boring unfun tedious walkng sim but with amazing visuals. 10/10. Naw fam.
  14. I'm past rank 100 of the season. There's nothing left to unlock. You can still rank up but you only get one eververse engram per five rank ups.
  15. Bungie advertized a F2P game hoping no one would notice. At one point there were 200,000 players logged in on PC alone. Servers crashed.
  16. First mission was okay I guess but I was distracted by the contacting server message every 5 seconds. Now most players can't get on and are stuck in queues upwards of #23,000 plus. Bungie Bungled this launch.
  17. Yeah something like that. Capture command points while hilding off waves of enemies. So far it's Clone Wars era, other eras may come later.
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