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  1. I recently played this and what a damned fine game it turned out to be. The hate is really weird although I suppose some of it was about the AI partner and laxk of checkpoints, but those were fixed in a patch.


    Today I was suprised to see that the game was updated with free content: more endgame missions, enemies, abilities and areas!

  2. 4 hours ago, Greatoneshere said:

    Some tips that some gamers may have missed (I'm just about to start episode 3). 


    1. Get that reverse trike at the first distribution center working. Get the generator (level 1) from the wind farm and bring it and activate it. It makes traversing for faster runs so easy. And always carry a PCC on you in case it runs out of batteries so you can make a remote generator to charge its battery if you ever run out. 


    2. Make sure to increase your connection level to 4-5 stars for each base, center, etc. before moving on - it'll help a lot in terms of resources and what you can fabricate later. 


    3. For those who may not know - there is a manual save option, just go to "system" and "save". You can go to "load" and see all the numerous different save states you probably have made. Manually save often - especially during hikes - and you'll never feel like you have to restart by much when you reload if you fail through a MULE or BT section (or a tough climb/hike where you lose packages). Note I am playing on "hard" difficulty, which can be hard.


    4. Make sure to read all the "tips" under "Database" in the menu as well as reading all "interviews" under "Database" as well. These help a lot to explain and use the various (and sometimes complex) systems the game has in place, and to understand the backstory, mythology, and world-building going on that goes unexplained in the main text of the story (at least until this point). Note "interviews" can only be unlocked as you complete both specific orders for Sam as well as standard deliveries. The key is, again, increasing connection levels to a specific station to unlock more "interviews". You could theoretically go through the game and miss a lot of side info.


    5. The game's sense of earnestness in making you, a gamer, someone Kojima is presuming is one of those "disconnected" in the real world, to reconnect with people. I mean, the main character suffers from a phobia of being touched by others due to the Death Stranding event (those who are exposed to it and BT's, etc. for prolonged periods develop phobias) and every character you meet is always gently praising you or kindly encouraging you to help out and do unto others, etc. It's always words of encouragement and kindness. The combat is primarily non-lethal and you can't kill anyone since if someone dies one suffers a voidout which is catastrophic. Kojima is clearly making a game about reconnecting in a country where the Trump voters have lost themselves. 


    6. I say all this because the online component is clearly a major aspect of the game. Once in solo mode you bring a new station online to the "chiral network" (a sort of ectoplasmic internet), the previous "area" becomes unlocked showing other peoples' bridges that have been made, etc. (often through team efforts by multiple players over time) and so backtracking has become super easy on a bike just driving over these bridges. I also add likes to peoples stuff and add to help build bridges, etc. as I pass by, and everyone paying it forward helps to make the game easier post each mission that requires activating a new station, bringing it to the grid. So in a very real way bringing the stations online brings you together to more people in real life, all "helping" to build things in game to make the game somewhat easier for backtracking. You can press the big square button in the middle of the controller to yell stuff and if other peoples' signs are around they will yell things back to make you feel less alone and more a part of something. 


    7. Basically, this movie is the inverse of the film Joker. I'm almost amazed Kojima is being so naked about this theme but it's a very kind and nice sentiment in this era. 

    It's hard being broke as hell having to wait until the game is on sale in the future because of descriptions like yours. 

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  3. The developers did say that they made the multiplayer for noobs. They said in an interview that the short TTK is to help new players feel like they have a chance and that the maps were designed so that players could feel safe and can take their time.


    Safe spaces for noobs: The Game. 


    I can understand why COD players don't like Battlefield.

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  4. Call of Claymore: Modern Campfare


    The biggest complaint, even from some of the big COD shills, is that you can't run and gun, you can't rush. Unless you're playing against morons, which is rare with it's skill based matchmaking, the maps are so badly designed that you have to camp and treat every match like a sweaty esport tournament.

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