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  1. Will prob end up getting this at some point. The 360 version and PS2's TotA have been the only games in the franchise I've been able to stomach.
  2. VKPButcher

    Anime Please Teacher Coming to Blu-Ray

    I have not seen that, tbqh not even heard of that one. If I get the chance I may check it out. I do remember hearing a fair amount about Please Teacher back in the day along with Please Twins though I'm honestly unsure how strongly the series are related. I just seem to remember the logos for both pretty much being identical so figure there's at least some connection. As for the cost, yeah it ain't bad but trying to scale back from how much I spent over their holiday/new years sales and I just spent another $55 this morning on some older clearance titles. Too many other things at present I'd place a higher priority on owning.
  3. VKPButcher

    Anime Please Teacher Coming to Blu-Ray

    Yeah, saw this on Rightstuf's site the other day. Never seen it and don't know if I ever will as it generally doesn't fall into a genre I care for. That said as far as "harem" shows go I did get sucked into the Monogatari franchise but that series has incredibly strong direction and a mostly fantastically developed cast of characters and I'm surely not going to find the same here. Not meaning that as a slight on PT mind you, just that there's a decent gulf between the 2 as far as perceived quality goes. Might be a solid pickup during one of Rightstuf's many sales though.
  4. Welp, I'm down. Not that there was ever much of a chance I wouldn't see it.
  5. VKPButcher

    Anime ~Anime Thread Recently Watched~

    Yeah, it just started airing beginning of last week.
  6. Nice additions to the cast. Definitely looking forward to this. Been wanting a good adaptation of the book since I read it back in high school and if anyone can pull it off it'd be Denis. Fwiw I did enjoy the miniseries back in the day for what it was but even then it felt dated as a production. Only thing I ever really liked from Lynch's movie was Patrick Stewart playing Gurney Halleck.
  7. VKPButcher

    General Gaming Games like Salt and Sanctuary?

    One that I would highly recommend despite it really being nothing like Souls or even a Metroidvania would be the fantastic Iconoclasts. Great 2d action adventure with a crazy ass story & tons of boss fights. Overall it was highly enjoyable despite some aggravating sections.
  8. VKPButcher

    Anime ~Anime Thread Recently Watched~

    While I'm definitely not a fan of keeping up weekly with seasonal anime I do look forward to binging Mob S2 once it's done. Also have some interest in Dororo and The Promised Neverland so hopefully they turn out well overall and don't shit the bed along the way.
  9. Good news? Hopefully at least. That said any new debacles going forward, like all of D2Y1, are all on Bungie now. Let's see if they're up to the task. I'd like to hope so even if I've had enough of Destiny's shenanigans and will likely avoid anything of Bungie's for the forseeable future until they've reproven themselves on a fresh IP.
  10. VKPButcher

    Anime ~Anime Thread Recently Watched~

    As I don't tend to keep up with stuff as it airs I finally got around to 2 shows from 2017, Made in Abyss and Princess Principal. Really enjoyed the latter for it's premise/setting and characters and found it to be quite fun overall despite the underwhelming ending. As for the former, all I can say is wow. Really enjoyable adventure that I can't wait for more of. Also have to say eps. 10 and 13 have had more of a lasting effect on me than anything else that I've watched, including GoT's Red Wedding. Other than that just been going through some "older" stuff like The Garden of Sinners and rewatching a couple favorite shorter shows, Saga of Tanya the Evil (fantastic 5.1 mix for the dub, sadly the better VA of the jp track is only 2.0) and Bakemonogatari.