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  1. Homeland United Protection, Defense, and Security Front Systems, or HUP-DSFS
  2. I hope Biden offers some sort of tax relief for 2020 for remote workers who had to purchase new equipment, internet services, desks, chairs, etc to do their jobs.
  3. The tree of liberty should be replenished with the blood of patriots or something
  4. Oh i activated the max security settings on my fb account two years ago, i deleted it and my account
  5. Nah they are 100% listening. I went to a concert and after was talking to my wife in an Uber how rude crowdgoers are now, we check our phones and it's the No1 suggested articles on both our phones. Neither had ever searched that, ever.
  6. Tucker Carlson Slammed For 'Vile And Vicious' Attack On Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez | HuffPost M.HUFFPOST.COM The Fox News personality ridiculed the New York Democrat for saying she feared for her life during the U.S. Capitol riot.
  7. I disagree with anything @Rachelsays
  8. I sort things as Fruit Vegetable Herb Root Vegetables Berries Avocado Leafy Greens
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