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  1. The GOP is paying me to shit on my husband's grave to benefit Trump
  2. 8000 boys abused by Scouts of America, up to 12,000+ https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5cc059c1e4b01b6b3efb0e78 But yeah send your girls there - I'm different now baby I swear, I only hurt you because I love you so much
  3. I find myself always arguing with my mother about what's appropriate to share on FB and what isn't. What's fake and what's not. It drives me nuts. They think that because it's on FB it's real, and I'm like... You can post anything you want!! The shit you're sharing is some other idiots random thoughts! It's not real! And she goes "well no it happened it was on there" We should threaten to roll them out in their wheelchairs to get some of the fresh air they created in 15yr once we really start to feel global warming. Just leave them out there to fend for themselves.
  4. Just close your social media accounts to kill those companies and end the b.s. Even if it's just conservatives on there, they'll get bored on their own without having people to pwn.
  5. I heard him for the first time on CNN town hall last night, he was impressive
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