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  1. That what I'm saying! Dr Manhattan is a bored asshole playing games. "We argue now" "what" "because we are arguing" "but we don't have to" "this is where we argue" "no" "you're an orphan loser" Maybe the whole thing is an experiment to see if he can change time to then "save the world."
  2. Then I'm voting for Trump and building the wall. When I see Yang:
  3. I also hate the chicken or the egg thing because Dr Manhattan could have corrected it but he didn't because he's an ass. And he could have not "died" since he knew where it would happen, but he let it because he's a bitch. All the things that happened, the argument, he could have prevented, but he instigated everything.
  4. I hate him I hope he IS dead. Whoever racist gets his powers is gonna turn into a wow I'm bored cunt too.
  5. Cute, but I want to see it cut in 3.
  6. Well this week has been tough because I got a cold, and next week I'm traveling, 3 weeks of no gym!!!! Ahhhhh!!!
  7. Why are the Dems trying to get this done by end of year? Everyone is gonna forget after the holidays, do it in February.
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