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  1. We're going in circles now. When Activision, EA and Bethesda have now abandoned Steam -- that is a significant portion of AAA content. Add to that, the fact that Uplay keys are cheaper than Steam keys for Ubi games, and you're pretty much left with Square-Enix, and Warner (if you count them) and Take 2 on Steam for AAA games. (I recognize that Capcom, Bandai Namco, THQ Nordic and other tier 2 publishers are still on Steam). I don't have a "beef" with Steam -- I just don't understand the love for it. Because a) it's missing a ton of AAA content, and b) it's prices aren't that great (particularly when you compare them to CONSOLE prices).
  2. I compared both. Which other AAA games should we compare then? (My other comment that, for the most part, was that AAA games have abandoned Steam.)
  3. The console prices weren't historical lows either. They were today's prices on 1 retailer -- Amazon. Feel free to do an analysis that proves me wrong.
  4. Most AAA games (which I was specifically talking about) aren't available on Steam (or are cheaper from key resellers): 1) Activision /Blizzard games aren't on Steam 2) EA games aren't on Steam 3) Key resellers are selling Ubisoft Uplay keys for cheaper than Steam keys 4) Microsoft games aren't on Steam You are absolutely wrong about prices dropping on PC digital storefronts faster than physical copies of console games (examples from today): Call of Duty 4 -- Amazon $39.99 versus Battle.net $47.99 Battlefield 5 - Amazon $35.99 (PS4 Digital Code) versus Origin $39.99 AC:Odyssey -- Amazon $40.19 versus GMG $50..99 Far Cry 5 -- Amazon $23.99 (PS4 digital code) versus GMG $26.99 Fifa 19 -- Amazon $29.99 (PS4 digital code) versus Origin $35.99 FH4 -- Same on Amazon as Windows 10 store Steam Comparisons WWE 2k19 -- Amazon $29.99 versus GMG/Steam -- $59.99 NBA 2K19 -- Amazon $30.00 versus GMG/Steam $59.99 Monster Hunter World -- Amazon $24.99 (PS4 Digital Code) versus GMG $56.38 Soulcalibur 6 -- Amazon $47.70 versus GMG $53.99 Shadow of the Tomb Raider -- Amazon $30.00 (XB1 digital code) versus $46.19 on GMG When you include the Black Friday sales, I am consistently seeing AAA console games available for cheaper than their PC counterparts. (For the record, I looked at the best selling games of this year, I didn't cherry pick, the above list is EVERY game I looked up).
  5. mikechorney

    General Gaming Anthem: closed-alpha registrations now open

    I like Destiny for it's amazing shooting mechanics. I like Bioware Edmonton's games (i.e. ME 2/3) for their strong story, and the ability to combine a bunch of interesting powers to create fun combat. I won't say anymore. Other than, I think you're wrong.
  6. mikechorney

    General Gaming Anthem: closed-alpha registrations now open

    But... Destiny isn't Meh. Destiny has the best gun combat around.
  7. mikechorney

    General Gaming Anthem: closed-alpha registrations now open

    I hadn't recognized the times were CST rather than EST...
  8. My Destiny 2 is on the Blizzard store. My Ubi games (Far Cry 5, AC:O) are purchased on GMG, but they give me Ubi keys. FH4 is on the Windows 10 store. I'm expecting to have to buy Rage 2 on the Bethesda launcher and Anthem on Origin. At this point, other than Square-Enix games, there barely seem to be any Steam AAA keys sold anymore... (For the record, CDKeys prices don't seem to be that great anymore...)
  9. I have generally ignored the cards/badges on Steam. What do they get me @Keyser_Soze?
  10. As others have said, it looked like a mobile game to me. The graphics in particular looked really dated to me.
  11. 1) Steam either doesn’t have a significant chunk of the games I want to play, or they are more expensive on their storefront. 2) Console games are regularly much cheaper to purchase at Best Buy/Amazon than Steam is charging. At at one point, Steam may have been a preferable solution. But, IMHO, that time is in the past.
  12. I don't understand why people think that Steam is so good....