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  1. The castles are meant to be a grind. Get VIP. It gets you a ton of extra super wheel spins, and double cash on races. Most of the cheaper houses have been break even for me, after the rewards from super wheel spins. TBH, I’m not sure I have bought more than 1 car total. All from spins or the free cars (James Bond pack,etc. )
  2. I don't see anything wrong with @The def star's chair. Looks good to me.
  3. mikechorney

    Post ITT if cannabis is legal in your country

    I lived there for three years, but I am still Canadian.
  4. mikechorney

    PC Tech PC Builds

    The 860 vs. the MX500 will not be noticeable for speed. The 860 should last a lot longer due to Samsung's better controllers/software -- (note the Crucial is only warrantied for 180TB, while Samsung is rated for 300TB.) You should notice the difference between the 970 and the other two. I definitely notice the difference when loading off my boot Samsung 950, vs. my slower SSD for games.
  5. Lol. I didn’t go beyond the first hit.
  6. I think it would I reverse image searched it https://www.utilitydesign.co.uk/vitra-eames-lounge-chair-amp-ottoman-american-cherry It would definitely decimate your wallet.
  7. mikechorney

    Post ITT if cannabis is legal in your country

    I was a little less proud to be a Canadian this week.
  8. mikechorney

    PC Tech PC Builds

    I'd be tempted to spend the extra $25 bucks to get a Samsung 860 Evo drive (or step up and get the much faster 970).
  9. mikechorney

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    Forza Horizon 4 I may play some more SotTR, because my son might be playing FH4 on the Xbox.
  10. I was thinking of this one...   I can't really justify a $700-800 chair. I'm currently sitting on a fold-up chair at my desk in my office at home.
  11. I feel like shit after sitting for 8 hours on a couch -- due to my poor posture on a couch. I sit for 8+ hours in an office chair almost every day, and feel better. That said, not sure how I would set up a "gaming chair" in a family room though.
  12. A comfortable well-built office chair is also significantly more expensive than a gaming chair.
  13. I dislike uber-dark media. However, I also hate super-deformed teen-anime giggling girls. I'm somewhere in the middle.
  14. I've decided to sit this gen out, waiting to see if DLSS/Ray-Tracing provide any gaming benefits.... If prices make sense, I plan to jump in whenever the next gen cards come out.