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  1. TheMarcotonius

    Fitness & Nutrition - De Gym

    Toning up as of late 💪🏼
  2. TheMarcotonius

    Letting it all go...

    I just took a big one after drinking the new Cascara cold brew from Starbucks
  3. TheMarcotonius

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    I’ve been so into Paladins on PS4 as of late. Really liking it
  4. TheMarcotonius

    Got a new job

  5. TheMarcotonius

    Sony ITT Steve O GITS GUD at BB

    Why don’t I ever see you on my friends list anymore? 🙁
  6. TheMarcotonius

    Nintendo Thanks D1P!

  7. TheMarcotonius

    Nintendo What Handheld game are you playing this weekend?

    Damn really? How’s it going brother?