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  1. Pete Buttigieg is far and away the most impressive candidate I've seen so far. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsrjkQt60vI
  2. Maybe. I knew a guy who bought his daughter a brand new sedan as she was heading off to college. She drove the piss out of it for 4 years. 100,000 miles or more. She came home after all this, and her dad asked her how soon she needed her next oil change. She asked him what he meant? What was an oil change? She hadn't changed the oil once in 100,000 miles. He got the oil changed immediately, took it to a car lot and sold it for a decent chunk of change. Some poor bastard will buy that car. I bought my last vehicle new. I'm happy to pay slightly more to have been there for each driven mile of that car's life.
  3. I'm loving his podcast so far. Conan is genuinely wonderful to listen to. I think I might actually prefer him when he's being serious.
  4. At this point I basically just use it to play The Office while I'm doing busywork around the house.
  5. Because all 50 states participate in the general election - not just Texas.
  6. I think a general election campaign against Donald Trump would get him all the face time he'd ever need to stay relevant. Yeah, he lost. In Texas. By 3 points. To an incumbent candidate with a high national profile. If he can almost swing Texas away from Ted Cruz then I have high hopes for him nationally. No, not just experience. Obama and Trump both had little experience. Agreed. Here in Montana, Kathleen Williams was running against Greg Gianforte (reporter bodyslammer) for the House. A Democrat friend I know refused to vote for her because she didn't support single payer. All was moot, because Gianforte won. Now isn't the time to make some high-minded, principled stand. Democrats need to WIN.
  7. I don't think we necessarily have to choose one or the other. There are plenty of talented, intelligent people who aren't cut out to be leaders. The ability to inspire hope is in itself a skill, and someone like Tim Kaine lacks that skill. He has a deficit as a candidate. Someone else might not. But you're right, our priorities are too often misaligned when we pick candidates. Ask anyone wearing a MAGA hat in Wal-Mart why they like Trump. The answer will be all sizzle. And Democrats should just embrace it. Otherwise it's gonna be all moral victories for us, while we watch from the sidelines as the Republicans play the game, win, and keep running the country.
  8. He's the human embodiment of "meh." Regardless of his talents as a leader and politician, I doubt he would motivate anyone who wasn't already voting Democratic. We need to find someone who can inspire the same excitement, passion, and hope brought about during Bernie's and Obama's campaigns. It can't be a boring, uninspiring person, nor can it be a DNC-annointed, "reasonable" choice career politician. Fuck finding someone who checks all the boxes on paper. We need a leader to rally around.
  9. Exactly. And so much of American politics is optics. People vote for shit like confidence, charisma, "strength," attractiveness. It's very unfortunate, but true. We can quibble about Beto's stance on healthcare or a million other minute political details, but in the end we just need someone to convince those few light blue states to vote Democratic. And I think a candidate like Beto stands a better chance than the rest of the field as it is imagined right now. I think a healthy, vibrant, younger Biden would be fantastic. But that's not who he is right now.
  10. Get on board the Beto bus, you clowns. Biden and Bernie are too old. Warren is seen as shrill (she's also old). Booker is/was in bed with Big Pharma. Who else is a serious contender? I think we need a fresh, young face with an inspiring message. Someone attractive (because yes, this unfortunately is important) who will be the moral opposite of Trump. I see white, Rust belt baby boomers voting for Beto much more readily than they'd vote for someone like Harris.
  11. It's a real shame. Gavin was hilarious before he fell deep down the MAGA hole.
  12. Good call! (And funny enough, I'm 50 pages into The Power of the Dog right now. His writing style is so enjoyable.)
  13. Did he snub Macron on the handshake!? Or am I just seeing this wrong?
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