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  1. Did he snub Macron on the handshake!? Or am I just seeing this wrong?
  2. Scott

    Mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, CA

    The right to defend yourself may be a "natural right" but it doesn't say anything about the means with which you're providing said self-defense. Do you have a natural right to defend yourself with a rocket launcher?
  3. He literally said, "pardon me, ma'am," which is more than that staffer deserved. I'm from southern Missouri, if that means anything. South enough to be overly polite - and yet I doubt I would have made any apology to a woman trying to forcefully rip a microphone out of my hand. The fact that we're even having this conversation shows how low we've been dragged down by this administration. I don't know what's beneath the gutter, but we're there.
  4. Watch the video again and look at the shock and awe from everyone who directly witnessed that brutal assault. Audible gasps rang out through the room. I didn't see one person who didn't make a noticeable response to such an egregious violation of safety and decorum. What a fucking joke. How long do we have to watch this sub-human ruin America?
  5. Scott

    Tragic helicopter crash in Texas

    I got on IGN to look for a videogame walk-through when I was 14 years old. I noticed a Message Board on the site, clicked on it out of curiosity, and essentially never left. I'm 32.
  6. Agreed. As a patriotic Canadian I am deeply disappointed in all of you.
  7. The economy's good. Americans like loud bullies. The end. Why are we surprised? I'm gonna check out of this country for a decade or so.
  8. Mail-in ballots are such a beautiful thing.
  9. Scott

    The Official "I Voted" Thread - GO VOTE

    I voted straight Democratic ticket in Montana on Friday. Jon Tester for Senate Kathleen Williams for the House (against Greg Gianforte, the guy who body slammed the reporter on the eve of his election)
  10. We'll never recover. When you throw out so much disinformation, it casts doubt on everything, making the truth that much harder to find. It's like the episode of The Office wherein Michael reveals that Stanley is having an affair. He wants to discredit that fact after accidentally spreading it, so he starts spreading ridiculous rumors about everyone. At some point there's so much noise that no one believes anything. Trump has done the same thing. Just pump out enough bullshit that the truth is completely drowned out. Any accusers are "fake." Any opponents were funded by Soros. Etc. His base loves to hear it and laps it up happily. Nothing matters. We're firmly post-truth. Also, side note: how fucking tone deaf do you have to be to call the press the "Enemy of the People" in the immediate wake of someone trying to blow up members of the media?
  11. Scott

    Movies First Avengers 4 trailer coming soon?

    Thanks for the recommendations. Much appreciated. I hadn't really considered going through by phases. Sounds like that's the best approach.
  12. Scott

    Movies First Avengers 4 trailer coming soon?

    Excellent, thanks. Really, I'm wanting to watch the most recent Avengers movie. Just figure I need to catch up with some of the other characters before diving into such a big ensemble film. I've heard great things about Ragnarok. Might tackle the Thor line next.
  13. Scott

    Movies First Avengers 4 trailer coming soon?

    hey shit-stirrer tell me your 3 favorite Marvel movies
  14. Scott

    Movies First Avengers 4 trailer coming soon?

    Damn, I totally forgot about that movie. I *have* seen it. For whatever reason I watched all the Capt America films while missing all the rest.
  15. Scott

    Movies First Avengers 4 trailer coming soon?

    Random question for you Marvel enthusiasts: Since the Nolan Batman trilogy, I haven't seen any comic book films other than the two Capt America ones. If I were to watch 3 Marvel films that have come out since then, which would you recommend?