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  1. https://www.theonion.com/world-populace-actually-fine-with-rich-people-dying-on-1835075562
  2. I agree with Bill Maher in that Democratic candidates should spend as much time as possible on Fox. Those viewers likely don’t click over to CNN and MSNBC to see the other end of the political spectrum. Their only exposure to Democrats is whatever gets filtered through Hannity, Tucker, and Trump. Rather than take a principled stand against Fox, Dems oughta infiltrate it.
  3. I camp and hike a bunch, and it's never the thought of encountering a wild animal that scares me. I'll take a normal bear over a deranged human any day.
  4. I feel the same way. Seems like we're on a collision course. Harder and harder to find a hook to hang hope on.
  5. I am in no way excusing the position of the gun lobby or anyone who aligns with it. It is disgusting. Not sure what else we can say about it. Having said that, at some point we need to acknowledge the elephant in the room: our culture is fucked. Beyond vague allusions to mental health funding, what can be done? How do we get off this trajectory?
  6. Living alone is how I maintain my mental and emotional fitness.
  7. https://markmanson.net/fuck-yes Hate to drop pop psychology on you in a trying time, but this article has helped steer me through some rocky moments in my relationship history. When it's the right person, it won't be this hard. If she doesn't feel "fuck yes" for you very soon, I say rip this band-aid off and quit wasting time with someone who isn't going to end up being The Real Thing. I pushed the decaying husk of a doomed relationship forward for a year or more, trying to convince both of us that it would work. Wish someone had slapped me in the face before I wasted all that time. Pull the rip cord, and let time heal the wound. Hit the gym, embrace a hobby, go for a hike, call an old friend. Put one foot in front of the other until you look up and forget what it was you were so upset about. Best of luck, amigo.
  8. Well ain't you of a cheery disposition, y'cocksucker
  9. Please someone tell me they made a mistake and aren't making a movie and instead decided to do 3 more full seasons.
  10. In this thread, as in every Musk thread: he does something epic instead of EPIC! and everyone shits on his head.
  11. Personally, I don't see a lot of substance in these criticisms. Most of the issues cited are ones of systemic, national racism that likely couldn't be corrected entirely by a small town mayor (for example, the article even admits that the school system is not under the direct purview of the mayor's office, but that, regardless, Mayor Pete should have fixed the school-to-jail pipeline as well as broader segregation issues). They fault him for firing a black police chief, and express upset that minority applicants are having a difficult time passing entrance exams for city jobs. Not sure how much of this is directly traceable to Pete's functions as mayor. One South Bend resident states that, “If he’s not out waving a banner saying I did this for you black people, then a lot of people are like ahh, I don’t know if he’s for us or not." Another states, “A thing I’ve noticed about the difference between say older people and the younger generation...is if you are not demolishing [white supremacy] from jump then that’s not gonna work.” Also, the top comment criticizes Pete because he's apparently not gay enough. He's just a white, gay, cis dude from the Midwest. I feel increasingly unmoored from the Democratic party. The more we embrace identity politics (for the love of all that is holy, someone is denouncing this gay presidential candidate for not being gay enough), the more we secure Trump's reelection.
  12. We are a year and a half out. He's a young nobody mayor from flyover country. My guess is he's doing everything he can to get his name out there while remaining palatable to as broad a base as possible. I'm sure he has no lack of policy proposals, but why dive in that deep before 80% of the country even recognizes your name or face? And I'd venture that people are so excited by this "personality" because he is the complete inverse of Trump in almost every conceivable way. After 2 years of hot garbage, it feels refreshing to listen to someone who is articulate, reasonable, honest, and humble.
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