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  1. It makes me question the claim of PS5 being able to run games at 8K resolution if $2,700 worth in desktop GPU's can't maintain a stable 60fps in a 2013 game using mods that aren't actually very demanding. Either that, or GTA 5 is really poorly optimized.
  2. Even SLI GTX 2080 TI's struggle to maintain 60fps at 8K with a 2013 title. https://youtu.be/7z7T5jbjSgk Edit: Apparently YouTube can now prevent the embedding of videos.
  3. Patience, Endurance and Understanding are probably the biggest key components for any new parent. If you're 30 or older and have these features, you'll probably be an A-OK mom. My wife felt similarly to you, after some coaxing and actually going through with the whole ordeal, she turned out to be an absolutely fantastic mother. The only problem we had was her being almost entirely uneducated on vaccines, so that was a fun.. I actually took my daughter to get vaccinated and dealt with the blowback. Once she realized that vaccines don't outright murder babies or cause autism, she calmed down and we compromised with "Just don't get them so close together."
  4. Eh, don't be sorry for me. She taught me a valuable lesson about humanity and parenting. If I ever had the desire for my daughter to want to have literally nothing to do with me, I have my mother as an example to follow. Literally not following her example makes me a better parent by about 1000%
  5. Exactly. Public humiliation is probably the worst thing you can do to your kid. The last thing any reasonable parent should want is for their kids not to just fear them, but actually loathe them. I had disowned my mother for that very reason. She would publically humiliate us (my siblings and I), verbally abuse us and physically accost us with dog chains, glassware, hangers, basically whatever she could get her hands on and lift. She even stabbed my father in the neck on one occasion because he refused to abuse us in a manner she found to be befitting. Just an all around terrible person. Even as a child, I had vowed to never let my future child endure that kind of shit.
  6. <-- Still plays Symphony of the Night and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Chernobyl in 2019.
  7. Seriously. This is the kind of guy who seems like he'd exploit his children via pranks and tricks - at their expense - for YouTube dollars.
  8. This is what a terrible parent looks like: Young dad doesn't know how to coax a child into eating something that appears unappealing without the use of violence, so he pretends to feed a Mickey doll and when the doll doesn't accept the food, he beats its face in, prompting the toddler to accept food, less he face similar consequences. This is such an easy thing that so many parents get wrong: 1. Give your child a consistent eating schedule. That includes planning meals in advance when you are going to be out and about. 2. Make eating look like fun. 3. Do not avoid foods in front of your toddler, definitely avoid looking disgusted at foods. This is probably the biggest reason for kids being super picky eaters. 4. Sometimes toddlers want a little control. Let them feed themselves at their own pace. 5. Be firm, but patient. Don't give in to cries for chicken tenders and french fries. Talk to them and have them understand that fried foods, candies, sweet cereals, chips and such are treats, not every day foods. Offer healthier (but fun) alternatives instead, veggie chips, prunes, pickles, toast w/ jam, etc.
  9. As someone who has both been spanked and physically abused - mostly by my cunt of a mother, my father was usually fair and lenient - I decided to adopt a non-corporal punishment approach to disciplining my daughter using a tiered system similar to the one employed in her school, but with a few modifications. Privileges are granted based overall behavior, scholastic performance and cooperation throughout the day: Purple - The highest ranking. Netflix (Kids) or Hulu for 2 Hours or Video Games for 1 Hour, Ice Cream for Dessert, Can retrieve one item from her donation bin, additional privileges such as field trips and doesn't have to do any extra home work assignments. Green - An average ranking. Netflix (Kids) or Hulu for 1 Hour, No Dessert, has to do one extra homework assignment. White - A below average ranking. Educational Television for 1 Hour, No Dessert, has to do two extra homework assignments. Red - The worst ranking. For every instruction or command disobeyed, or for any bad action - hitting, throwing, etc - she must donate one toy to a child in need. Loss of all positive privileges until she gets 3 consecutive purple days, she has five days to earn her donated toys back. I've found this system to work out pretty well for my daughter as the incentives to do well are strong enough that she consistently tries to perform her best. This shows in both her school performance as well as her relationships with other children and adults. She has earned honor roll (whatever that means for a kindergartener going to 1st grade) with every report card and has received a student of the month award on multiple occasions. While my daughter does have her bad days, they're so few and far between that I'd consider my method of discipline a success for the most part. My entire goal with her has been to instill an attitude that focuses on moderation, working hard and learning to compromise - if you want privileges, you have to earn them - while giving her an opportunity to be a child who forges quality bonds, with her friends, her teachers as well as my wife and I. @johnny it's entirely possible to raise well-adjusted children without resorting to violence. Simply replace violence with some other uncomfortable form of punishment - e.g. loss of privileges - and actually enforce that punishment. The one thing I've noticed with other parents is their reticence to enforce non-violent forms of punishment because it's difficult. It's extra work that has to be done and if you're a wage slave working 9-5 with little in the way of respite, actually trying to treat your child like a human being worthy of the dignity and respect that comes along with the title is quite a difficult thing to do. This is especially true for younger parents who grew up in households were such violence was the norm.
  10. I didn't say it was wrong, I just said it was a lesser experience (it absolutely is). Doom is a fast paced power trip with super tight gameplay and a ton of maneuverability. By default that type of gameplay is better suited to K/M. Kadingir Sanctum is probably one of the best examples in the game where even a half-way decent player - let alone an expert - can go absolutely fucking ham. You simply cannot do this kind of fast paced, insane gameplay on a gamepad. I mean, look at the fucking Doom Eternal E3 demo that was clearly played with a gamepad. It looks absolutely sluggish by comparison, and that was a professional demo trying to show the game off!
  11. I started with a gamepad on my TV and I actually got bored before I finished the first level. Everything was just so sluggish despite my adjusted sensitivity settings. Switched to K/M and I was absolutely flying around the level just ripping and tearing everything like the fucking monster DOOM guy is supposed to be. Such a satisfying power trip. I bought the Switch version when that came out to be supported of Bethesda's Switch port efforts (especially considering how good Skyrim was) and I've never uninstalled a quality game faster.
  12. Playing DOOM with a gamepad..... You really don't know how exciting DOOM can get (nor how much insane maneuverability you have) if you're playing it with a gamepad. It's quite literally the worst way to play it. In fact, playing DOOM on the Switch in handheld mode is legitimately the absolute worst way to play DOOM. Edit: I'm glad you've enjoyed the game, but you haven't really "experienced" DOOM in it's full glory.
  13. PC Bloodstained (waiting for my backer code) DOOM Eternal The Out Worlds Monster Hunter World: Iceborn (if it's not a 2020 release for PC) Switch Astral Chain Dragon Quest Builders 2 The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening PS4 Pro Nothing
  14. Been playing through The Witcher 3 (never beat the dlc) and recently started a new game in Skyrim for Nintendo Switch. Having modded Skyrim (at 60fps and all the disabled effects turned back on) on the go is
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