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  1. Only our district courthouse has cameras. No metal detectors, no protective glass when talking to people. Our county courthouse, at the least courthouse side doesn't have cameras. Our DA spent out of pocket to install cameras in his office area as he just felt safer with them. But hell the door leading to his office is just one of those metal screen doors. Now our sheriff's office on the other hand. In the lobby area is 5 cameras covering an area that is 12'x12'. 4 inch thick protective glass with a security drawer for paperwork. Double doors that can be locked remotely if there is a threat. You know where 99% of the people that work in has a gun security is crazy high. But the courthouses are lax as hell.
  2. Neither of our courthouses have metal detectors. Hell only one of them has cameras.
  3. Shouldn't this puts a couple of holes in the "Video games train people to be killers debate." Because by that logic some of those professional gamers should have jumped into action with their ninja like training. Instead it was one of the worst players at the tournament that did this. I say that as a badly timed joke. This sucks and will only lead to more calls against video games overall. And really sucks for the people that got injuries and lost lives.
  4. Somehow his base would eat that up and use it as a rallying cry.
  5. This might honestly be the best infrastructure week the administration has had yet.
  6. Somebody has been waiting a long time to write that headline.
  7. As much as I wish I could upgrade this time, I just cant scrap that kind of cash for an upgrade. Maybe next gen.
  8. It is because they no longer go by the name Blackwater. They are a company that changes their name every time they do something stupid. I think they are currently Academi.
  9. At $92 million they better be sailing the entire Atlantic fleet down Pennsylvania Ave.
  10. Well that is one way to ensure that you keep your clearance with Trump. McRaven - "Sir, I request you revoke my security clearance." Trump - "Listen Bill you are going to keep it, because you are a disgrace and deserve no honor."
  11. They won't be deeply concerned. They will state that they find it "unsettling" and they will say "we are waiting for the White House to offer clarification on these comments." But no concern, not even shallow concern.
  12. Leave it to Nintendo to build, ignite and fan the flames of a fire that didnt even have smoke to begin with.
  13. Bitch please, Flint tapwater or GTFO.
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