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  1. hey dude, how are you? Havent seen you in XIV in a while
  2. Is there anything good to be said about the utter piece of shit Trumpster 🔥? I mean you can't even attribute the North Korea thing to him, outside of practically bringing us to the brink before North Korea fucked up it's own nuclear capability...
  3. LionFranco

    PC Steam Sale Summer 2018

    I'm probably gonna buy FFXII for a friend, and get one or two games for myself, but not too much that I'm interested in or don't already have at this point
  4. LionFranco

    Nintendo Pokémon Go Friends Trading and Gifting

    Oh, so you can. Only trade with someone local? That sucks... My code: 5876 5851 7274 My trainer name is Jeroak.
  5. I agree with Brick too, the amount of stress he had to be under to get the boards running again must have been crazy. But I'll join in too
  6. LionFranco

    Want a free game?

    You rock dude, thank you!
  7. LionFranco

    General Gaming Video games

    I dont shoot anyone, i stab people with my rapier and dash away! I wonder if this will work...
  8. LionFranco

    It's alive!

    fortunately, the best news out of E3 for me was the FFXIV x Monster Hunter World crossover...i'm in heaven!
  9. LionFranco

    Want a free game?

  10. LionFranco

    It's alive!

    I think I might stick around for a while! Wait! I said stick, not sticky! Ew gross!
  11. LionFranco

    How much longer until the CEB is restored?

    Wait? Was that the gay board? We need that one back quick! 😋
  12. LionFranco

    I now have the most recent post in all D1P threads

    Bwahahaha! That was my nefarious plan all along!
  13. LionFranco

    Want a free game?

  14. LionFranco


    Im hooked on a feeling!