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  1. Sorry Wade, I didn't see your post before I made mine
  2. God, Incels are fucking pathetic. I can't give them anymore time than that.
  3. And nothing of consequence happened here...and I only say that because it won't change shit.
  4. At least she conceded with dignity, but this all won't be over to me until we we can hang Kemp by his entrails, because this fucker rigged the election more than anyone I have ever seen before.
  5. Not just that, I've seen roads repaired that had needed them for several years, finishing a project that appeared to have stalled, etc. I have a car that used more gas than my old one, and although it hurts, I'm not going to complain, because I see things finally getting done
  6. The only problems with runoffs is that they tend to be won by Republicans. But in the situation of GA, I'd rather a run off than an outright loss
  7. I honestly thought I had been getting through to him. But apparently he had to double down on the rhetoric, which just frustrated me.
  8. Apparently, Biggie is towing the line something fierce, even with overwhelming evidence of elections tampering in GA, he still can't understand that these people are vile and toxic...
  9. Exactly, just one more reason I voted against Prop 6, we would have not seen lower gas prices, and I'm seeing actual work being done on roads that had been neglected for years.
  10. Absentee ballot was mailed out on Thursday...
  11. Monster Hunter World Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Monster Hunter World Dragon Quest 11 (soon) Monster Hunter World Spider-Man PS4 (tomorrow) Monster Hunter World ...and a little bit of FFXIV sprinkled in there Monster Hunter World...
  12. Is there anything good to be said about the utter piece of shit Trumpster ?? I mean you can't even attribute the North Korea thing to him, outside of practically bringing us to the brink before North Korea fucked up it's own nuclear capability...
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