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  1. I had lilith get stuck on the ramp at the very beginning when starting out with the agent/operative guy Zane. Anyway maybe the game took away muh heads n' skins fer a good reason. I was misusing them like it was Saint's Row. Doctor Amerihorse (TM) w/ radiation gun and his pistol packing sidekick Patriotic Macaque
  2. Bug on the PC version. When you try to play it sometimes says you have a conflict in your save data sync, do you want to use the local or cloud data? If you use the "newer" cloud data it "loses" your unlocked heads and skins and such. Just poof, gone.
  3. Cleaned my PC out with two air cans and the blue screens seems to have gone away. Air cans get super cold now. Must be using a different propellant than the old days. Played the Operative/Assassin Zane. Using his digi-double mostly.
  4. I made PS4ProPro up. But Sony didn't do a presser so I didn't have anything to go on.
  5. I have no idea what Scarlett is, or what PS4 Pro Pro is and I just want some old fashioned Marioness. I see Switch for $300 generally and if I get one a friend of mine is also planning to get one and he's asking questions and I don't know since I gave my aunt (cousin really but older than me) my Wii U (she collects game systems and older games) and kind of moved on from Nintendo for a while. Looking at the sales stuff on Amazon and such I still have some questions. I'm not finding any recent "get to know the switch" type articles that show me what I want to know so, here I am. What I want to know is : 1. Is there a cost for playing online and how much if so? 2. Storage seems tight so what are best storage options? A 1 TB MicroSD is a few hundred bucks according to Best Buy so any alternatives? 3. Is keeping the controllers charged a big deal or a hassle and should I get a charger and if so, how much? Will I likely want some other alternative controller or are the two slide on mini controller good enough for most players? 4. is the main unit durable? 5. Is the dock durable? 6. Does wireless work reliably? 7. Any know common troubles getting the thing on wireless 8. How does Online co-op work? Is it easy to link up to someone you know? Are there many games that use this? Thanks for any info you can give me. Again this is serious list of no bullshit not a trap questions I have.
  6. I got Prey for $15 and a steam steaming appliance thing for $2.50 (+ $8 shipping) which might be fun to play with some weekend.
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