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  1. Permanently: ResetEra Temporarily: Virtually every one except this one Fun Fact: I was permabanned from IGN a decade ago, but oddly enough I was able to login perfectly fine about a month ago.
  2. @Ominous My favorite person to lose an argument to.
  3. Very disappointed to see only negligible increases to IPC from my 8700k. Clocked at 5.2Ghz, I score about 1-2% higher on CPU-Z single core test than the 10900k@5Ghz. What is the OC headroom for the 10 series? I know I am at the absolute limit of what my chip is capable of, had 5.3 stable, but that came and went and cannot be returned to I don't believe.
  4. Possibly, but their fears should in turn lead to all 3 providing better and more competitive services for all consumers.
  5. Yep. Hopefully T-Mobile can make good use of the CDMA portion of Sprint. I laughed when I heard about the merger being approved, followed by the deal being blasted by critics saying it would be bad for consumers. The proper way to state that is "ATT & Verizon, after meeting with their lobbyists and shareholders, say this is a bad move for their bottom line and their plans for a more complete Duopoly."
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