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  1. Deadpool 2 - 8/10 Just a stupidly fun ride. I didn't go more than two or three minutes at a time without laughing; however, by movie's end, the relentless hijinks had worn thin on me. It's like the friend you never get to know because they just joke all the time or make a joke out of every situation. At some point, you grow tired of the show and begin wanting more, wanting to dig below the surface so you can build a lasting attachment to the person. Bonds are formed in the trenches, in the muck. Through two movies, I have zero attachment to the Deadpool character. The franchise could cease today, and I wouldn't care. I'm not invested, so it all begins to feel a bit pointless. That said, as a two-hour slice of entertainment, it does it's job. It fully entertains for those two hours, but it won't stick with you afterwards, won't make a lasting impression on your life.