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  1. The truth. That I have a disability and it gets severe sometimes.
  2. Yes they are very supportive and understanding and accommodating.
  3. Car is fixed so I can try delivering if I feel up to it
  4. Also, loneliness ultimately comes from and is healed from within. You can have great friends and family and quality connections and still feel lonely.
  5. In more organic and authentic ways where you don’t have to try and forge a connection with a room of strangers who aren’t necessarily there to do tbe same thing. Even for the most socially adept that’s an unrealistic way to meet people. Some ways I’ve found to socialize and meet new people is through local meetups, like on meetup.com. That’s a great way. Classes are great, I met people at a sewing class. You could find a hobby you’re into or something you wanna learn and try that. Also I have been using Bumble BFF and Facebook groups for friendship making in my local area. In contexts like these, you know people are there to socialize and meet new people as well. Or in a class there is an organic way to build a camaraderie over time. I’ve met several people these ways. Not everyone is best friend material but it’s nice to have a couple people in my repertoire for when I do feel like hanging out. I’m an introvert myself so I’m happy with my own company but I do like to socialize in small doses and have that human connection too. also if you don’t like going out and socializing in person that’s fine too. Human connection and socialization is still valid online and in other ways that are more comfortable for you. I’ve got online friends I love and my best childhood friends live thousands of miles away and I still connect with them. Even a virtual mental health support group has brought me valuable social connection.
  6. Then daddy knows my PayPal address to make it happen
  7. Feeling a little better just picked up some extra time at work we’ll see how it goes
  8. Called out again today. Goodbye money. My paycheck is only gonna be like $75 this week at this rate. Hopefully I feel better later and can pick up some hours later today or on the weekend.
  9. No worries. You know for sure that I skipped work to get my nails done because my work shift was scheduled to be done at 3:00 pm and I went to the salon at 4:00 pm.
  10. I think that situation would be intimidating for even the most socially adept people.
  11. I woke up this morning and definitely didn’t call out of work because I was debating going to the hospital because my suicidal feelings were so strong. Nope. I just decided I wanted to go get my nails done instead of work.
  12. Yes. I sold 6 items of clothing so I could have an extra $35 to treat myself when I’m feeling suicidal. We can’t all waste $200 at a time on children’s shoes 💅
  13. Oh wait you’re already 40? I always mix up if you were born in 81 or 82. I think it’s 81.
  14. sometimes weed feels amazing. Sometimes it feels terrible. It’s inconsistent and not worth the risk to me right now. Maybe later after some more healing.
  15. 4/19/22 3:38pm I’m at the nail salon. I’ve been selling old clothes on Poshmark and I have exactly enough to get my nails done so I thought I would treat myself. It’s been a really rough few days. It started Friday night. Just a flare up in PTSD symptoms like hopelessness, helplessness, terror, and existential anxiety. And of course feeling suicidal. It’s been really hard. I’m just trying to take care of myself as best as possible. This morning was extra bad and I called out of work. Sucks cause I need the money but if I don’t take care of myself in these more dire times it could cost me my life, so I’ll make do. I always do. Honestly the last few days feel like a blur. I can’t even remember everything I’ve done. I painted my room a little. I cried a lot. I had a bath. I made poutine. I’m just trying to survive. Pretty sure my thyroid is fucking up right now which doesn’t help things lol. My joints have been aching. Thankfully I have a Dr appt next week so I can check on that. on a lighter note, happy birthday @stepee
  16. Damn am I gonna have to cover for OP again?
  17. Where did I define bravery? I said it’s “one of” the bravest things you can do. There’s many other brave things out there too my friend.
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