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  1. Because I had a mental breakdown and my life flipped upside down Low energy and poor coping skills
  2. I was addicted to adderall and Dexedrine from ages 15 to 25 ama.
  3. I also had a job close down the whole office back in 2015. At the time I didn’t really care because I easily got a similar job at a different company and took a big vacation with the severance. In hindsight I really miss it and had a good thing going there. It’s too bad it closed down.
  4. Isn’t every state at-will employment? Also maybe not. Might not be worth the trouble of hiring everyone brand new. Depends on the situation TBH.
  5. 5 mins if I rush but usually I take 10 My hair is over 2 feet long and it doesn’t take long to wash at all. Maybe you need better shower pressure.
  6. It’s been 10.5 hours and my rdr2 download is at 66% 😂
  7. It’s like this is where I grew up and you’re all my abusive parents
  8. Okay I bought the game and it’s downloading! Thanks everyone for your generosity. Special thanks to @best3444 of whom I am the most grateful.
  9. I’m not sure who exactly donated but I think it’s @stepee @Biggie @SFLUFAN @Mr.Vic20 (am I missing anyone???) Thank you all so much I really appreciate this! There was a slight miscommunication and also crazy PayPal fees (because suddenly they started charging sending between us & Canada when it used to be free) so I’m actually 10 dollars short lol. But I will hold onto this money because in like two weeks I will have enough to make up for the difference. So I’ll buy it and download it then. 👍🏻 Thanks again everyone!!!
  10. If you just try hard enough it will be fine
  11. Have you thought about not losing your job instead?
  12. No now answer the question
  13. It’s a toy stuffed animal what kind of animal?
  14. This all sounds super fucking communist
  15. It’s because when you’re not around she complains that being married to you is like taking care of a child
  16. My friend got one last week and it’s already bitten me in the ass so don’t do it so you don’t see your friends doing things they didn’t think you would see because they forgot about the stupid cameras
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