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  1. I don’t have an electric bill also hi I’m in Atlanta
  2. Sadly it was Weezer. They were completely phoning it in. No passion or energy. Seemed bored and unhappy to be there.
  3. Biggie can I borrow your car while I’m in Atlanta?
  4. what kind of treatments have you done?
  5. you should. I haven’t had any updates myself.
  6. My ebt ran out and doesn’t refill for 6 days so I had to buy groceries with actual money 😤
  7. That doesn’t surprise me since you also have experienced trauma. And yeah I’m learning now that there is the “obsessions” part which is cognitive, and the “compulsions” part which is behavior and rituals which don’t always happen or aren’t always physical. And thank you yeah it’s a journey but I’m glad to be on it and getting more answers.
  8. Never heard of it but I googled it. Looks like the stereotypical Hollywood germaphobe representation of OCD which is actually not the way the majority of people present with OCD symptoms.
  9. Apparently something like 20-30% of people with PTSD develop OCD as well within a year after a traumatic event. My psychologist said she thinks this is happening with me since I was hospitalized last year and the more I read about OCD the more I’m like yup, this is me. This is an enormous relief because I knew there was something else happening to me in addition to the standard PTSD stuff and I thought I just had a uniquely broken brain that was beyond repair. I didn’t even know how to articulate what I was experiencing or feeling. Now as I read about OCD feelings and symptoms I realize that this is it. It feels SO good to know that this is identified and can be treated! Anyone else have experience with this?
  10. You can get the ancestry only 23andMe kit which is only like $99 I think. If you want the health stuff added onto it then I think it’s more like $200. I found it worth it because my mom was adopted and there was so much I didn’t know about that side of our family and it actually got me connected with an aunt and we found out stuff about our racial makeup that we weren’t expecting. It was important to me and worth it. Only you can decide if it’s important to you. In hindsight I’d probably only just do the ancestry but I did the health one too. Since you’re not sure of your family health history that part alone might be insightful. those specific traits were hit and miss for me lol. A lot weren’t accurate. But there’s no guarantee with those.
  11. Why not? Two of my grandparents died before I was born and I’ve never even considered not calling them my grandmother or grandfather.
  12. This also yes my dad and I are both on 23andMe so he’s my biological father
  13. You can listen to stuff in one ear with regular earbuds too. I do it all da time.
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