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  1. Fml I thought this was the Inuk thread. Changing title is confusing. I hate this thread.
  2. Rachel

    How are you?

    Therapy is rough as hell sometimes. It can be like that. It’s hard to face all that pain but it will be better for you in the long run. I’m glad you were able to express yourself and cry and get some support and resources. Hopefully you connect well with tomorrow’s psychologist. Let me know how that goes too. Overall this is a great thing that you are embracing this help I am very happy for you. And yes it’s hard and emotionally draining too. Just keep taking one small step at a time and remember to be gentle with yourself.
  3. Rachel

    How are you?

    Let me know how that meeting goes. Be nice to yourself. You’re struggling. It sucks but it’s okay not to be okay. You’ve been through a lot and it makes sense you’re having a hard time. You’re strong too. So happy that you are embracing and accepting some help. Things can get better.
  4. Rachel

    How are you?

    Honestly a pretty good weekend. A mix of chilling and working. I feel a little “weird” and “disconnected” at times with some minor existential dread and anxiety but it’s pretty mild for me. It’s hard not to hone in on those things though but I am keeping perspective that I’m feeling more good than bad by a long shot, and this is a massive improvement for me. Overall I’m functional and stable all things considered. Im still processing everything I’ve been through in the last year and still in the midst of trauma therapy but it’s going well. I’ve come a long way and I’ve got some more to go too. I’ve been dabbling in working with a WFH job and some Uber eats and I feel good about that. It’s nice to feel well enough to do that. Did some therapy homework today and played Stardew with my man and we watched some Full House (been watching that to mourn Bob Saget </3). Also had some good sex today and some Trader Joe’s beef and broccoli. Overall today I enjoyed myself, which is all you can ask for in this life. Thanks for asking Chrisothy
  5. I yelled in my sleep today and my fiancé heard me from across the apartment and came to check on me. Sometimes I yell and shout in my sleep during nightmares also I have nightmares 3-4 times a week and even my non-nightmare dreams are extremely vivid and I have vivid dreams every night and often I have lucid dreaming without even trying ama
  6. glad I could give you a smile my friend
  7. Things can get absorbed into your bloodstream through your ass. I wouldn’t be putting random chemicals and substances up there without being sure it’s safe.
  8. I think it’s more than just ramen with tapatio in it. It’s its own flavor all together. Try it. Def my 2nd favorite. Those are yummy.
  9. Never cried or gave much of a shit about a celebrity death until now. Loved Full House so much growing up. I even watched the abomination that was Fuller House. I’m so sad and the rest of the cast were always so close with him they’re probably heartbroken. This sucks
  10. It hasn’t been in stock since the first time we got it. Finally it was back so we got the maximum allowed (6). my fiancé also got the one you posted here but I didn’t try it.
  11. And sometimes I do a little because of how spicy it is thank you @Baconfor recommending it to me.
  12. helllllll yeah buddy you coulda made a thread bruh
  13. I’d try it too 🤷‍♀️
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