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  1. kittykat

    If you come into this thread, I will kill you

    Stop changing your name for fuck sakes
  2. kittykat

    If you come into this thread, I will kill you

    Who the fuck are you
  3. kittykat

    If you come into this thread, I will kill you

    Lol that’s amazing. I don’t even remember making that, but it sounds like something I’d do. Who are you btw?
  4. kittykat

    Would you suck a buddy’s dick?

    Johnny likes meat after all
  5. His victims know for sure
  6. You’ve never had sex. It’s literally awful.
  7. What do you mean? They are perpetually on the brink of orgasm but can never reach it and can never stop thrusting
  8. kittykat

    If you come into this thread, I will kill you

    I’m ready to die
  9. Anyone who disagrees is well meaning but misguided. Three of the biggest reasons people think he’s innocent is because a) “he didn’t have a childhood so he hung out with kids to get what he missed out on” and b)“McCauley Culkin said he didn’t touch him” and c) “he was found not-guilty in court.” a) Plenty of child stars worked their whole life and didn’t grow up to have an entourage of children and their own theme park because they “missed out on childhood.” That’s not normal. That’s grooming behavior plain and simple. b) McCauley Culkin and Corey Feldman saying they weren’t abused by him means jack shit. Of course MJ wasn’t stupid enough to touch the famous ones. He preyed on the poor regular children. c) OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony were found “not guilty” too so don’t even come at me with that nonsense. MJ was a pedophile who used his fame and money to groom and prey on children and abuse them. He is currently rotting in hell getting perpetually anally raped by hitler and throat fucked by Jeffrey Dahmer at the same time.
  10. kittykat

    Happy Birthday, Nokra

    Happy birthday I love you
  11. kittykat

    Anyone here have experience with compression socks?

    Thanks for that insight. I know why it’s because I have autoimmune thyroid disease and a symptom of that is swelling feet and circulation problems. So maybe? Either way this helps give some insight thank you.