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    Gaming Accessories What Headset(s) do You Use?

    Thanks for the info, I've been to that tab before but now it's changed.... What's weird is that tab did not work after initially updating the firmware to make the headset work with PS4 fully - the slider was just grayed out. But I went to that tab just now and it did let me adjust, lol. And I do have the Voice Recorder app from the Microsoft Store, just didn't realize it was installed.
  2. jrcbandit

    Gaming Accessories What Headset(s) do You Use?

    I recently got the HyperX Cloud 2 and it works great with the PS4 after applying a firmware update, can change volume, etc using the dongle. However, I was just wondering about the PC, I can't seem to control the microphone volume in Windows. I don't usually play games using voice on PC, so I don't know how to even test it, but it is annoying that Windows wont let me adjust the microphone volume because the dongle is USB based. I stopped playing Sea of Thieves PC after my free Xbox pass expired, so I don't have anything with voice to try it lol.
  3. Finally, but Unity tends to really suck on consoles. With newer versions of Unity, don't really have much issue with it on PC at least.
  4. I'm here. Would have gotten on earlier, but dealing with my poor kitty having walking issues.