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  1. It's only like a 4gb download so I installed it first and checking it out while everything else downloads
  2. The congratulations on your series x email was a nice touch on Microsofts behalf.
  3. Just signed into the app at work sounds like it's a you issue not Microsoft
  4. Smh wouldn't even put in a full day find the hidden consoles buy one and quit lol
  5. In line at Best Buy now to pick it up damn work is gonna suck today!
  6. Looks like I lucked out not getting an Amazon pre order even tho the 10% off would of been nice. I feel bad for those who did pre-order and are being told they might have to wait till December ouch. Gonna be hell tomorrow at work knowing my series x is in my trunk the whole time.
  7. Will be picking my series X up at 6am Tuesday at Best Buy but work from 7 to 530 and got about a 40 min commute so probably won't get to play till around 630 pm oh well so is life.
  8. "I'll put your best disciple on academic probationFuck the litigation, fuck the best rapper nominationsAnd fuck the president I voted for assassinationsI'm saying fuck the federal bullshit investigationsFuck the cover up of ghetto radiation exterminationUsing my people for experimentationAnd if doesn't play hip hop then fuck your radio station" - Immoral Technique
  9. They don't care who buys them as long as they are sold and paid for.
  10. oh all your Amazon orders are safe from me at least for now 😂😂😂
  11. Scored one at Best Buy socks not getting 10% off but oh well I'm happy to of scored one
  12. Guess I'll just wait for Amazon to get more stock fair warning to those that ordered from Amazon if your console comes threw the warehouse I work in I might be tempted to throw the box around some while unloading the truck 😂😂😂
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