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  1. Used to live around the corner from there, shopped there all the time. 1 dead, 13 injured so far. LIVE: 13 victims, 1 dead in shooting at Collierville Kroger; suspect dead WWW.ACTIONNEWS5.COM A Town of Collierville spokesperson confirms multiple victims were rushed to area hospitals after a shooting at Kroger in Collierville.
  2. These people are selling to the dumbest mother fuckers on the planet.
  3. I shouldn’t have watched that, now I just feel disgusted even sharing the same solar system with these stupid assholes. I need a serious palate cleanser.
  4. Seriously, fuck Ted Cruz. According to him only Paris has climate issues in this world.
  5. Fuck these guys. This pointless political theater is all bullshit. Maybe if they punished failing these objections by burning at the stake there would be less of them.
  6. There is not enough whiskey in my house for this shit. Fuck all 122 republican yea votes so far that approve of this shit.
  7. Apparently a lot of the roads share the town’s name. Gives new meaning to which fucking road are we on.
  8. My 11 year old son even said that was a great speech and is excited to not have a bully for a president. I feel a great relief about his future tonight.
  9. Bought Monster Boy for Switch for myself. Got Smash Bros, Megaman 11, Let’s Go Pikachu, and Pokken Tournament for the kids.
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