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  1. My eagle-eyed analysis- Tim Sweeney is a fan of Valve games and wants to see more of them.
  2. Their track record after the fact has been impervious! I'm con..fide... ... nt. Hopefully this is a step back in the right direction after their years of mishaps. I need BL3 in my life!
  3. Completed: Bloodborne Bound By Flame Lords of The Fallen I've played varying degrees of DSII, DSIII, Demon Souls, Nioh- I'm close to the end of this bad boy. I'm waiting on the Surge to come to PS+.
  4. This game is fantastic, but it isn't the second coming. The Nintendo fanatics won't hear it, but there were at least a few frustrating parts about this game. I remember the internet losing their shit over the open world and thinking "We've had these for... decades?" The cell shaded one was a good bit better!
  5. Thinking back to when I got to the section of 2 where you're just killing the hell out the thousands of heartless or nobodies or whatever the hell they are... Felt like such a badass way back when. I was actually watching a brother play through this through the ending of 1 a few nights ago. I started thinking to myself, "Wait, is this Ansem? The real one or.... the imposter? Isn't he a heartless? Or a nobody..... Or in the main character's mind....." and successfully got myself throroughly confused about a game I have thought at all about in 10 years. Good times
  6. Those damn weapons breaking...
  7. I've been jamming with some Pyre. Should be done soon! Also hollow knight which is also terrific, but that's going to have to sit until Pyre is shut down.
  8. You have to take wins where you can get them. Congrats on the new X! Merry Christmas guys.
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