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  1. This looks... fine? I haven't played a game that looked this vanilla in a while, but it is an Avengers title.
  2. I'll take the new switch because I haven't yet docked it in spite of 2 years of ownership, BUT also fuck Nintendo. It's a complicated set of circumstances.
  3. The game got better as it went along which is something that's sadly rarer than not in games these days. I'm a big proponent of games which make you feel like more of a badass by the end of it, and Days Gone checked that box as well. I had trouble with 3 zombies at first, and by the end was taking out massive hordes. The studio clearly left things by the wayside in favor of building out other elements of the game (likely due to to time), but I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say that, with the success of the first, the studio is going to double in size and blow the doors off.
  4. Days Gone. The definition of a game being better than the sum of its parts. 9/10
  5. Is Wages still available? Big fan of economics of war, haven't read it. Aren't you in Alexandria Wade? I'll come raid your collection Or, you know, buy you a beer in exchange for the good reads.
  6. I'm sorry Glenn. I'm sure it's been good having your other kids around. All the best man!
  7. This sounds goddamned amazing. I tend to let games come to me (PS+, GWG, PC freebies) and buy the ones which are either head and shoulders above or sound incredible despite divisive drawbacks. This would definitely fall into the latter.
  8. My eagle-eyed analysis- Tim Sweeney is a fan of Valve games and wants to see more of them.
  9. Their track record after the fact has been impervious! I'm con..fide... ... nt. Hopefully this is a step back in the right direction after their years of mishaps. I need BL3 in my life!
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