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  1. Shoutout to Dogma in Shirlington. Good spot for the pup needs- my dog is picky as fuck, too!
  2. They apparently haven't been receiving my letters. Make a Switch Lite Lite- smaller, sexier, and have it fit in the pockets of a slim straight pair of jeans (you know the ones), and I'm all on board.
  3. My new years resolution is to bring my arcade cabinet into the 'office' so I can power through some Super Puzzle Fighter to increase daily frustration.
  4. Would prefer crippled and indecisive, but you take what you can get.
  5. Jusssttttt getting into this. 1st thought- what in the fuck. I'm digging it!
  6. It's this kind of dumb shit that makes me hate gamers.
  7. Awesome to hear @HardAct. You guys have held up through some of the worst, so it's great that you are getting life (some semblance of) back on track. That house monthly is pretty slick too!
  8. This looks... fine? I haven't played a game that looked this vanilla in a while, but it is an Avengers title.
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