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  1. Kind of, yeah. It was a beautiful ending and subtle if you weren't paying attention to that 30 seconds.
  2. This isn't directed specifically at Mass since he's a pretty honest guy about what he thinks: A lot of what people say is fringe for Sanders -- universal health care, UBI, parental leave -- seem logical to me? Not complete government control of the economy, but the social programs that he pushes seem like catching us up to much of the first world. Much of what used to be called fringe on the left -- homosexuals in the military, gay marriage, marijuana legalization, the ACA, Unpaid Leave -- are considered either sensible or, at a bare minimum, not "fringe" anymore. We couldn't even get red state Democrats to vote for the ACA eight year ago; now guys like Alabama Senator Doug Jones support it whereas more progressives are more open about Medicare-for-All. I feel whenever liberals push a new idea, the tactics involve scaring people about the change, but change is eventually accepted as sensible and a no-brainer.
  3. And would conservative opposition (Ross Perot, Donald Trump) be more the nationalist angle rearing its head?
  4. That's actually the curious thing to me. What about the US causes some progressives to look at free trade Democrats as centrist/conservative considering liberal nations have free trade agreements as well (and now with "conservatives" calling free trade "globalist" as if globalism is a bad thing)?
  5. #winning And Trump loves coke. =\ Okay, now that joke's out of the way.
  6. The Spider-Man game actually looks good and is made by a studio that releases quality, a bit different from DC's streak post TDK trilogy.
  7. https://deadline.com/2018/07/frasier-reboot-explored-kelsey-grammer-cbs-tv-studios-1202432451/
  8. http://thehill.com/policy/national-security/398902-gop-lawmakers-introduce-impeachment-resolution-against-rosenstein
  9. Which I find strange because he has a good presence and confidence, and I feel when I'm watching him, he has a pace and delivery that I feel I SHOULD be laughing at. I just never do.
  10. Dodger seems to get upset when people do what he does back to him rofl (by that I mean I'm calling you out on your bullshit, which I feel I have to point out as I'm not sure you would have caught on). Anyway, nowhere here did you show that you're being objective or why you're objective, and since you haven't denied it, I'm glad the guy in the closet for Trump is here to spread his objectivity to the rest of the board. What else would you like to share since you can't muster why the marriage is likely good and can only question motives?
  11. Yes, I'm making fun of heyyou claiming he was the most anti-Trump user and redsoxfan used to have "2nd most" as his title. You just deflected: you defend Trump and his policies frequently when you post on the board. What about you is objective? Who are you to be the arbiter when you've never been objective or really made intelligent, well thought-out posts that made people think? You're not even mustering any kind of intelligent argument about why someone might be wrong and instead attacking their motives, which is humorous considering you can't even admit you voted for Trump thinking he'd improve your life or something. Remember that, when you used to be a Democratic hack instead of a Trump hack, all you would do was spam your Kefka icon when a Republican said something stupid. At what point did you become a thoughtful objective user? Let us know the moment.
  12. You're likely not being objective in defending Trump since everyone figures you voted for him anyway. So what?
  13. If it makes you feel better, more people are watching broadcast news and the national stories that run on local news.
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