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  1. So EA canceled the tittle, then gave Motive only 2 years to cobble together a new, smaller game?.... yeah, good luck with that. I bet Viseral could have shipped a much better game by 2020 if EA only saw it through.
  2. Visceral and Motive would have had their hands full with a 3rd party engine as well. EA as a publisher just lacks the the patience to see these games through while sticking to a vision.
  3. I agree that politics in gaming don’t have to be topical, but when part of the gaming press wants to draw parallels to current affairs and starts to stir up those expectations, it clouds up the game intent dev’s are trying to communicate (locked down years in advance) and sets the stage for some really odd criticisms in reviews. Politics may not be the focus of every big budget tittle, but it has been a large influence over the years. No disagreement there. Curious though, since you brought it up, which tittles do you think have crooks at the helm suppressing a political message? You might not be wrong, but it is a heavy accusation so I hope you have examples. I do think it is the responsibility of the reviewer to set aside articles trying the label a game prior to release and evaluate it, to the best of their ability, on their own experience. Politics can certainly play into that, games (and reviewers) don’t exist in a bubble, but that is not what I view as the issue here. It’s the click-bait, frequently misinformed, hot takes that are hardly grounded in game itself getting repeated in reviews and previews as a point of criticism. Not always related to politics either. Hope that clears up my view. I really don’t care to get into a philosophical debate over what is or isn’t truly objective.
  4. While video games are in no way removed from politics, they are perhaps the worst medium in the entertainment biz for making a political statement on current afairs. Games just take too damn long to make. Outlets that choose to grade tittles on their ability to draw parallels to modern trends are basically weighting their scores on the ability of developers to predict and provide commentary on the future. Unfortunately with a lot of reviews I’ve read that talk politics this context is completely lost. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good discussion to have, but it requires a degree of objectivity on the reviewer’s part that frequently doesn’t exist.
  5. Duderino

    Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Ultimate review thread

    Played for several hours offline today. The game’s pace stops just short of Melee thanks to quicker attacks and faster movement than 4, but what the game gains in speed it lacks in responsiveness. I’m assuming the 6+ frames of input lag have a lot to do with it. Here’s hoping that Nintendo can improve it, because the game could (and should) feel soo much better. The level 9 CPU’s do put up a good challenge, but it doesn’t feel like they are working with the same handicap at all. Overall I’m enjoying it more than I thought it would, but it is rough around the edges at the moment. Here’s hoping a fix is in the works.
  6. Duderino

    Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Ultimate review thread

    I’m just hoping Smash Ultimate’s gameplay is a bit more open-ended than its predecessor. Smash 4 was definitely an improvement on Brawl, but at the same time the physics and combos felt very pre-deterministic for a Smash game. Ready for more variability and unpredictability again.
  7. Ready at Dawn just opened an office in Portland a few weeks back. Clearly they’ve aquired lots of additional funding to extend their operations like that. Microsoft makes sense.
  8. Not to mention the ps1 also had that polygon wobble. Wish the PS1 classic included methods emulators have developed to combat the problem. Here’s hoping the eventual n64 classic takes more liberties with the emulation. N64 games can actually hold up relatively well with a resolution bump, AA, and some texture filtering.
  9. Duderino

    Microsoft X018: The Official Thread

    The biggest challenge for Microsoft to expand their AAA portfolio will be having the patience to see it develop. Playground needs time to build their character pipeline for the rumored Fable title. The Initiative has to hire a new team, develop their process, and find their identity. Undead Labs, InExile, Obsidian, etc require investment and time to make the visual, performance, and presentation leap into modern AAA territory. Even Ninja Theory, while arguably in the best position of these new acquisitions, has historically relied on outside studios to fill in their manpower gaps. Just like Sony’s internal studios, it will take years to see the same kind of leap forward. I agree with others that “AAA” is not the goal for many of their new partners. Content is.
  10. Not related to Death Stranding, but relevant to the insider leaking this info, given his statement in the Death Stranding thread about also working on Days Gone.
  11. For anyone wondering, here's what this resetera poster has said about Days Gone:
  12. Duderino

    Microsoft X018: The Official Thread

    I hope they’ll put obsidian to work on a new IP.
  13. Duderino

    Microsoft X018: The Official Thread

    Soo...Microsoft is doubling down on CRPGs?
  14. The success of single player DLC should be measured by how much buzz it can generate to help sell new copies of the base game, or entice people to buy the more expensive complete edition. FFXVs multiple story DLC chapters never made much sense under this context. It’s not like some new Noctus backstory was going to ignite new interest in FFXV.
  15. Well this is a lawsuit case, meaning no claim should be above scrutiny on the road to a potential settlement.