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  1. I see Days Gone as a much more active game than RDR2 between the bike, combat, and its flavor of open world systems. Also, while both tittles take a while to ramp up, you definitely get to explore and accomplish more in Days Gone’s world in the first 6-8 hours compared to RDR2. There is just soo much exposition to sit through in Read Dead’s opening.
  2. Is plagiarism, when your job is to give your critical opinion, not lazy?
  3. "Lazy" would have to be an armchair critic's preferred term.
  4. I very much doubt the designs in Rage 2 were a product of laziness. For a topic about understanding it's a pretty inconsiderate way to describe the developers work.
  5. Soo.... where does this leave Sloth in the Goonies? How lazy of a writer is Steven Spielberg...right? (No one at Avalanche is lazy. Find a better term.)
  6. Well at least that’s one less column in EA’s next Early Acess chart.
  7. At least in terms of viewership numbers on twitch and YouTube, the streamers speaking positively of the game are reaching a much larger audience than the negative review outlets, at least when it comes their video outreach. There’s also likely an Avengers: Endgame bump. Days Gone is featured before the the movie trailers begin. Off topic, but I really enjoyed the movie despite its 70’s Metacritic score.
  8. What would a discernibly more advanced Xbox console even look like compared to what we we know about the PS5? To make a notable visual impact, the GPU hardware alone could get very spendy. Maybe the difference would be more performance related with the CPU and RAM speeds? MS could also have a similar ace up their sleves with the SSD, who knows.
  9. I don’t doubt that Microsoft is positioning themselves to come out on top in a pure numbers game. They probably want DXR to be their big differentiator and the key selling point, at least for the premium console. Think MS and Sony will have a very different focus this time around.
  10. No one knows exactly how well it will do. The only debate here is what the factors are and how much they matter.
  11. How does your argument account for Watch Dogs, Ghost Recon Wildlands, No Man Sky, Mafia III, etc? What do you make of Days Gone's current success on the Amazon charts? Seems only fair to consider all the evidence, right? I think your point is applicable to games going from bad (little to no buzz) to worse (widespread negativity), but I do question how well it fits here.
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