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  1. Dan is poking fun at people trying to tell God of War's Art Director what is and isn't possible with megascans. To Raf's point there is more to consider beyond dropping in and instancing lots of scanned assets, such as managing size on disc and the ram unique assets will occupy. Depending on the game "Megascans everywhere" is probably not the most practical approach. 😂
  2. Back to the UE5 stuff: It does look like a normal map streaming in, but it could also be actual geometry detail missing. Like some kind of texture style mip level, but for vertex data. Hmm....
  3. Recall any graphics specifics? My memory is a bit hazy but I remember the tech behind Doom 3 and idTech4 paving the way for that console generation before UE3, Gears, and the 360. Gears was impressive, but Doom 3 was like seeing next-gen early.
  4. Trying to remember, what was shown on the 360 that broke ground on consoles first? It's been quite a while. On Sony's end the PS3's cell processor never had a breakthrough game demonstration on this level.
  5. It's kinda crazy that we're seeing some next-gen tech on a console first. When was the last time that happened? The psx/n64 era?
  6. Epic stands to gain way more profits from gamers buying Unreal 5 tittles through the PC Epic Games store. I could never see Epic agreeing to avoid talking about other platforms. Money hat joking aside, it doesn't add up.
  7. It clears up the false claims, not how well we can expect this demo to run on other platforms. We need more information and further demonstrations from Epic to get better understanding there. No one outside of Epic has those answers yet.
  8. That is easily explained. The 40fps number comes from this statement in the China presentation that multiple people speaking the native language have confirmed: People just ran with it, misrepresenting what was actually said (and shown). Hopefully that clarifies things.
  9. @Xbob42, that dsogaming article is misleading, as confirmed by Tim Sweeney: Said it earlier, but there is plenty of misinformation being spread.
  10. Epic's primary goal here is to sell people (and developers) on what Unreal 5 will be capable of. The PS5 happens to be the ideal platform to demo it. Sony's priorities have aligned well with Epic's tech. A comparison video now would probably drive PS5 sales and increase intent to purchase future NVMe drives, but work against Epic's pitch of their tech being a paradigm shift for the industry as a whole.
  11. Given how new this tech is and how key the SSD and file I/O is to this process, I doubt Epic wants to show this running on anything less than the ideal hardware right now. Why show something "pretty good" now when they can potentially improve on it in the coming months.
  12. Informative article from PCgamer that clarifies a few things:
  13. So it sounds like with some concessions and careful planning it was possible to get this demo running without the PS5 SSD's level of bandwidth. Given this was only a tech demo, I would expect actual games to have more overhead to contend with. What that means, who knows yet. Looking forward to seeing what the actual games can do and how this applies to each platform.
  14. The proper translation of the Epic China presentation: That colteastwood guy loves to fudge numbers and stretch the truth. I've had the misfortune of stumbling on his YouTube videos from time to time.
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