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  1. These are things that can be worked on, dude. Charisma isn't something that's innate in anybody. It's a skill and it's learned. You got this.
  2. Watching the impeachment. Trump lawyer speaking right now and he's well spoken. So odd listening to somebody from that team speak without sounding insane.
  3. This is insane/good (obviously). Has anything of this scale happened in a previous transition?
  4. If it's not that then it's probably a Bill O'Reilly situation.
  5. This does not narrow it down at all. Who are you talking about?
  6. Shunning is a behavior exhibited by a lot of cults. We shouldn't emulate that. Since leaving my former religion, which seems like 90% a cult in hindsight, I have been shunned with different intensities by a lot of people I care about. But I've also been loved and accepted for who I am by people in and out of said cult since leaving. I don't want to go back to a place where people think I'm a wolf in sheep's clothing. All that to say: Treating former Qs poorly might encourage them to go back to what they're comfortable with. And, if I'm being 100% honest, I do get a big laugh whenev
  7. That's not weird. It just means it's going to suck monumental amounts of ass.
  8. I read on Twitter somewhere that he's stepping aside to focus on his environmental company and space company or whatever. It's hilarious because a lot of these CEOs that step down are like "I want to focus on my health/family/whatever." And Bezos seems butthurt that some tech douche is richer than him now so he wants to go focus on his spaceships and be the richest guy in the world again.
  9. I'm in Florida right now and the news on the TV where I am had this up. Not relevant but it's just strange.
  10. I haven't been able to get into my Schwab account for a week. I wasn't even trying to get in to do this stuff. I try resetting my password and it says it doesn't recognize anything. I tried calling them on Friday and the person who helped me said she couldn't get into her password reset thing. I'm currently on hold again.
  11. Definitely curious. Bump this thread when you find out.
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