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  1. Good. Biden replacing it with a regular Coke button as it should be. Always gotta be fixing Trump admin missteps.
  2. @MarSoloshow us the Venmo screenshot of your chode associates paying you the $4k plz.
  3. This is unconstitutional. He was sworn in before noon. This leaves the opening that Master Trump needs to order the military to arrest (((Biden))) and SCOTUS and execute Congress. It's all coming together and making sense now.
  4. I love how Obama's letter had to do an ELI5 of "What is America?" "How to not be a corrupt fuckmongle". Obviously, Donald didn't take any of it to heart.
  5. https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2021/01/19/gop-corporate-pac-funding/ You hate to see it
  6. This show has the worst fucking writing and is objectively terrible. I love it. I need S4 right now. The more of Johnny Lawrence we get the more I realize he's my spirit animal in a lot of ways. Regarding the fight choreography I don't have much to say besides the fact that it's cheesey like the rest of the show. And ironically Ralph Macchio--the Fuckin' OG karate kid--is the worst of them all. Still love him, though. I can't believe all the talk about season 3 so far hasn't mentioned Ali finally showing up. I like the juxtaposition of the message with her: it was fun r
  7. Gatecreeper surprise-dropped a new album today. 8 songs. Seven of which are about one minute long each. The last is 11 minutes long.
  8. GOP is talking about unity more than ever. First of all: fuck all of them. Second of all: I mean it. Fuck all of them. But third, if they want unity, the absolute bare fucking minimum they can do is vote for impeachment. That won't get us unity. But it is absolutely the first step up the mountain. And lastly, and certainly most importantly: fuck all of them.
  9. The alt right is welcoming of many groups that are currently or in the past would have been considered non white--eastern europeans, italians, jews, etc. Simply because they want their numbers larger to go against blacks and latinos.
  10. I think in most instances this is the case. Like if the FBI had to tear apart the life of every dude they got a call about who seemed like he was a terrorist they'd be chasing down so many false leads that they'd be useless. But, this one seemed so big and openly planned you kind of scratch your head. Maybe they thought they'd just show up and be annoying like they have everywhere else. I don't know.
  11. Yeah. We brought it back just in time to execute the terrorists from Wednesday.
  12. It is less than meaningless now that any stupid racist cunt can have it given to them.
  13. *POTUS nukes Canada* Mike Pence: "I want to reserve the 25th amendment in case he becomes actually dangerous."
  14. Posted this in the election thread but I suppose it fits here too. Me reaping me sowing etc.
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