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  1. A little bit of color here and there would be nice. I mean it's just a fucking ugly movie even if you like the story (which I can't even remember).
  2. Weird. It's the movie that made me realize I'm not as high on those movies as everybody else.
  3. Is that the Marvel movie where Captain America does something heroic in front of a grey washed background over a generic soundtrack?
  4. Keyser is right though. I've seen all the Marvel movies and the only ones I remember with any clarity are the first Captain America, the first Thor, the first Iron Man, and the last Avengers movie. The rest all kind of blend together with their samey-ness and cameos.
  5. 100%. She was an awful actor. Pretty good physical presence but couldn't deliver a believable line to save her life.
  6. The character is appealing. Ex special forces living on the fringe of the galaxy as a mercenary? Now roped into being the law on the frontier? I mean it's not terribly original but it's still pretty cool and fun.
  7. Nobody was discerning anything, man. She was shouting from the rooftops about how much of a giant piece of shit she is.
  8. These are things that can be worked on, dude. Charisma isn't something that's innate in anybody. It's a skill and it's learned. You got this.
  9. Watching the impeachment. Trump lawyer speaking right now and he's well spoken. So odd listening to somebody from that team speak without sounding insane.
  10. This is insane/good (obviously). Has anything of this scale happened in a previous transition?
  11. If it's not that then it's probably a Bill O'Reilly situation.
  12. This does not narrow it down at all. Who are you talking about?
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