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  1. Oh. my. god that sounds awesome. I'm definitely going to go back some time. I want to spend an entire day just in Galaxy's Edge. We only spent part of one day there.
  2. This is the rub. It was the same thing that kept people like me from investing in stocks before the big trading houses started doing no-commission trades. I have some money in a few cryptocurrencies but when you want to put ten or even a hundred dollars in, that fee is a real drag. I just save to put bigger sums in to make it more worth it.
  3. Haha my wife kept mine too. There wasn't a whole lot of character stuff going on there due to the pandemic. I was just there only 3 weeks ago because flights and hotel were cheap and I'm Covid-immune currently.
  4. If I lived in a place where my currency's value kept tanking I would put everything I could into crypto.
  5. He goes full bore with the stuff he loves. That's actually one thing I like about him. Though, he's going full bore with loving this character and actor and I think that's a mistake because it's carrying him to places that shouldn't be ventured into :P
  6. I was super impressed with the whole experience. I mean the life-sized models of the ships they have are awesome. The props and scenery they build make everything look Star Wars-y as far as the eye can see. And they play the sounds of ships flying overhead once in a while on these synchronized speakers. Even my fucking Coke bottle looked like it was made on Coruscant or something. Also, the Rise of the Resistance ride is fucking awesome. Like, the line experience itself is so good that I thought the ride had started. Every ride tries to do that but no ride has done it
  7. Side note: I went to Galaxy's Edge at Disney World. I had some blue "milk". It was pretty good. It was rice milk and coconut mixed with other fruity flavors. I also spent $200 to build a badass lightsaber.
  8. Would you prefer to argue about The Last Jedi again? I'll take this thread that way if you want.
  9. I do agree with that. I mean his coloring of Starlord made him look like Trump spawn.
  10. You don't have to say "I hate Jews" for your message to be anti-anti-Semitic. You don't even have to actually hate Jews for your message to be anti-Semitic. You can just be monumentally fucking stupid and happen to be anti-Semitic.
  11. Come on man. The comparison isn't the gas chamber. The comparison is putting ethnic minorities in cages and splitting up families.
  12. The blacks are the main point he touched on, yes. But he showed what some adjustments could look like that did a lot more than just adjust black levels. But when your darkest darks aren't dark it will lose contrast. That gives it that look of things washing together that I'm talking about.
  13. That's not why she got fired but keep pretending to be that smooth brained my man. It's a good look for you.
  14. That's gross. And wrong. But mostly a gross attempt to justify contemptible behavior.
  15. At Least 5 Dead After Pileup Involving 100+ Vehicles Traps Drivers, Shuts Down I-35W In Fort Worth DFW.CBSLOCAL.COM Fort Worth police spokesperson Officer Daniel Segura has confirmed at least 5 people were killed in the crash. Jesus Christ. It's like that scene from the Matrix Reloaded over there.
  16. Not sure what you mean. Grey can be bright. The issue is with things blending together. There's just no contrast in the color palette onscreen. It all washes together constantly. I've been saying it since the first Avengers movie but this guy says it way better than me. Vid is four years old though.
  17. A little bit of color here and there would be nice. I mean it's just a fucking ugly movie even if you like the story (which I can't even remember).
  18. Weird. It's the movie that made me realize I'm not as high on those movies as everybody else.
  19. Is that the Marvel movie where Captain America does something heroic in front of a grey washed background over a generic soundtrack?
  20. Keyser is right though. I've seen all the Marvel movies and the only ones I remember with any clarity are the first Captain America, the first Thor, the first Iron Man, and the last Avengers movie. The rest all kind of blend together with their samey-ness and cameos.
  21. 100%. She was an awful actor. Pretty good physical presence but couldn't deliver a believable line to save her life.
  22. The character is appealing. Ex special forces living on the fringe of the galaxy as a mercenary? Now roped into being the law on the frontier? I mean it's not terribly original but it's still pretty cool and fun.
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