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  1. Literally the only "go back in time" thing I wanted them to do. And they're doing it! I'm excited.
  2. Rest a lot if you can, my man. I hope it doesn't get too unbearable for you.
  3. Spawn acknowledged that. And I agree with him. There's always one guy. But almost everybody else is miserable. Sounds like an east coast problem to me.
  4. Yeah. I worked at Hollywood Video for about four years when in high school and my first little bit at college. I worked every Christmas and Thanksgiving. Nobody wanted to be there because customers are in the absolute worst moods those days. And so are the employees.
  5. Yeah. I went to McD's one day to get a dollar coffee before a concert. I was tired and needed a pick me up. The drive thru worker said that the person in front of me paid for it and that the last 10 cars have paid for each other's meals. Would I like to keep the chain going? I look in front of me and it's a mini van. Well I'm sure that family is happy to eat for a dollar. I look behind me... Another mini van. "I'm guessing the car behind me ordered a lot more than a dollar's worth of stuff." $30-something. "Nah I'm good."
  6. Hey thanks for asking. I'm doing pretty well. I have a lingering, intense dry cough that just won't go away but my taste/smell is mostly back I feel like. Sore throat is gone too.
  7. Anti Hollywood but extremely pro consumer. This will be a fun tightrope walk to watch. I wonder which side they'll fall of or if they'll make it to the other side.
  8. My wife grew up in a third world country without a TV and she loves Seinfeld and rewatches it constantly. You don't need to have any larger cultural or sitcom context for that show to be funny simply because all of the characters are brilliant and the writing is top notch. She also fucking hates Friends. Probably why we get along so well.
  9. I think that 50 min is for ROTK. Even with creds Fellowship tops out at an additional 38 minutes.
  10. @SimpleG I stand corrected. Thanks. Though it does make me wonder the difference in quality between the theatrical and extended versions then since the theatrical fit on one disc and you're only adding an additional ~30 min on Fellowship for example.
  11. Yeah that's the case on dvd. A 4k blu ray disc holds 100 GB and the files on these discs combined don't approach that.
  12. Just popped it in to watch the beginning sequence of Fellowship. These look incredible. Moreso than any other movie I've seen on 4k from the 2000s era. Just incredible.
  13. They're still separating each movie out to two fucking discs good christ that is irritating. Understandable on DVD. Not on Blu ray.
  14. Also if for some reason I win the vinyl I'll send it to you if you want it.
  15. I don't know if you can see that since you don't have a Spotify account but that's my dream setlist making a few adjustments to bring in some of the newer stuff and not make them hate my submission.
  16. Most good art doesn't beat you over the head with the message and is more subtle. So if people can't catch subtext and are too dense for subtlety I don't think that's on the artist. Wall Street is a great movie even if one of the main characters is a horrible person that assholes idolize.
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