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  1. Sicario: Day of the SOLDADO - 6/10 I watched this late last night and it was okay. I fell asleep for a bit partly due to boredom and partly due to being tired. This movie is definitely going to give MAGA chuds permanent erections though. Islamic suicide terrorists start pouring over the Mexican border in the opening act.
  2. I doubt you'll think it's any better now that you have more years and wisdom. But, writing style be damned it has some fantastic battle sequences, political machinations, and moral questions that are debated which are all hallmarks of great space opera.
  3. Similar to Franken's, uhh, "retirement", the governor would select somebody to fill his seat, yes. That actually might be a blessing come to think of it. Governor Herbert isn't as insane as Senator Lee. Still not worth having him on SCOTUS though.
  4. Mike Lee... The only man more detestable in the Senate is Ted Cruz. And then just barely.
  5. This. It's hard to believe such an incredible sci-fi novel is a prequel to a video game. I was so disappointed in the half-assed animated adaption of it that MS made when Halo 5 released. Blech.
  6. I think nobody has a true opinion because who he is under the helmet really doesn't matter. That armor and his relationship with Cortana are his character and persona. I legit try to think of whose face I want to see when the helmet is taken off and I draw a blank.
  7. Chaos Chaos - Committed to the Crime (2014) - 7/10 Yeah I discovered this group via Rick and Morty like everybody else. Before now, I really only listened to the song "Do You Feel It?" from the "Auto Erotic Assimilation" episode. I decided to give the whole album a go. I appreciate underground and self-produced pop music, but most of it suffers from the same thing mainstream pop does: one or two songs on an album that had some thought put into them to try and be catchy and get some radio play while the rest seem like they were written all in one day for the sake of sayi
  8. Apt for me because their Star Wars merchandise was always overpriced and less well-stocked than Target or Walmart. Despised TRU for that.
  9. I thought it was for iSexual. For people who love Apple products and only Apple products.
  10. Once you get past four or five letters in an acronym my level of concern/care drops exponentially.
  11. I hope Master Chief is a transgender black man so all the pasty white kids that supposedly fuck my mom get upset.
  12. I thought this was one of the perks of being a high school graduate with a small man complex. And he's getting fired for it? Now who's going to want to be a police officer?
  13. I'm sure they will, but the show really needs to focus on the pre Halo CE era starting out IMO. Fall of Reach and all that. And while I don't want them to remake the games in show form it would be a travesty not to touch on the story in the first three games of the trilogy.
  14. I'm halfway through The Great Hunt (Wheel of Time book 2). Enjoying it very much so far.
  15. Are you seeing anybody to help with that? Your D1P fam loves you and we want to help how we can.
  16. I've said it before and I'll just repeat it here. The Last Jedi is helping Star Wars shed fans it needs to get rid of. The franchise will be better for it. Also, thinking about it, Jurassic Kingdom has all the dumb things that morons wanted in TLJ: clones linking important characters as family, Incels being justified in their disdain towards women that don't like them, over explanation of the machinations and origins of the villain, etc. And Jurassic Kingdom fucking sucked.
  17. Her in the Psylocke outfit was the hottest she's ever been. People are nuts.
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