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  1. https://variety.com/2018/film/news/star-wars-episode-ix-keri-russell-1202861343/ She worked with director JJ Abrams previously in M:I III (my personal favorite) and the role is supposed to be action heavy, so I can only assume that she's a transgender Luke Skywalker coming back to life to chop a bunch of Stormtroopers in half.
  2. The OG Xbox. I had an NES, a SNES, an N64, a PS1, then got that OG Xbox when it launched because of the hardware specs and MS brand recognition. Though I enjoyed every console before it and have enjoyed the 360 and Xbone after it no console has had quite the impact of playing Halo via system link, or the sleek sexy cars in Project Gotham Racing, or the soundtrack and sandbox of Amped, or watching a game use shadow like Splinter Cell, or made me love Star Wars again like KOTOR, or the online brilliance of Rainbow Six 3, or the anticipation of Halo 2, etc etc.
  3. For sure. But I'm typically flying to the east (Atlanta, Boston) from SLC. So it gets me about a quarter of the way there.
  4. You animals need to use both! Aren't you studying an advanced CS degree? GOD!
  5. Eh, I don't love anchovies but there's plenty of pasta dishes with seafood mixed into them so it's not that much of a stretch.
  6. I love every typical topping except for pineapple. The person who first thought that pineapple, mozerella cheese and tomato sauce should go together should have been castrated.
  7. They were all 15, 16, or 17 when they signed with Sumerian Records. Crazy.
  8. Uada - Cult of a Dying Sun - 7/10 (2018) Uada's previous effort, Devoid of Light, was a surprisingly excellent freshman effort from a black metal band. My favorite part about this group is the readily evident melodic swedish black metal influences from groups such as Dissection, which are just as present on this album as they were on their last. There are some awesome riffs, melodies, and moments. Particularly in the opening track "The Purging Fire". It's full of haunting guitar overtones and harmonies, pummeling drums, and raw vocals. The album does go a bit too far into the tweed
  9. First I would install some sort of big brother apparatus that's functionally equivalent to the one in 1984. Then: Criminalize several distasteful behaviors: Three strikes you're out (first a warning, then a $100 fine, then permanent lifelong solitary confinement) Referring to Frankenstein's monster as Frakenstein Getting enjoyment out of anything "ironically" Referring to a Mazda Miata as a sports car Trying to pay your total at a retail store with a check Two strikes you're out (first is a $100 fine, second is the firing squad) Chewing
  10. But you still typed an 'M' in lower case?
  11. I picked up Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and Wolfenstein: The New Order for $10 each. Probably should've grabbed the Stellaris expansions instead. Fuck.
  12. Good to know. I have an S9+. I'll just go ahead and revoke that permission to the Samsung Messaging app. I use Textra though.
  13. That one named Debbie who did all of Dallas supposedly. That should count for something.
  14. The movie accepts with itself that it is not good and plays into several tropes for that reason (including that opening scene). I can give it props for that even if I don't enjoy it.
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