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  1. This is true. She did have to cry a couple of times and that's more than she usually does. She did it well.
  2. I honestly don't care. I'm a terrible person for saying this but she can act as terribly as she wants for all I care. Looking at her is enough for me. If she ever becomes a great actor that will just be a bonus.
  3. Good Lord this movie is a steaming pile of shit. Where to start? The script, I suppose. First draft written by some high schoolers apparently. And they stuck with the first draft. It can't even stay consistent with its own fucking rules. Everybody gets one wish, until the story needs them to have another one. Barbara: "I wish I could be like Diana." Becomes like Diana. Now you get another wish! "Make me a fuckin' cat." Done! These wishes also have a monkey's paw so that you lose what's most valuable to you. It's instantaneous for some (everybody who is not a main character) and evo
  4. Seems his motive was to take out some AT&T infrastructure. The fact that it was on Christmas day when people are least likely to be around and that a recording was played telling people to get away makes me think he wasn't out to hurt people per se. Doesn't mean I'm saying he's not an insane asshole terrorist, though.
  5. And turn my 25 minute trip--already long enough--into a 26 minute trip? No thanks.
  6. In N Out. I can't say that their burgers are terrible, but they're certainly not worth the wait or price. I've never been to an In N Out where I was in and out in a reasonable time. Way too popular and crowded for mediocre food. Also hands down the worst fries of any place.
  7. I tend to agree with @Joe that having gone to an ivy league in and of itself isn't bad. I mean I'd absolutely jump on the opportunity if it were granted to me. But I also agree with this sentiment. The last company I worked for had a team that required you to have graduated from Harvard or Stanford to apply. It specifically said those two schools on the job description. I liked a few people on that team and I worked with it all the time. But most seemed like overpaid morons who brought no actual value to the table. One time on a trip a group of us were presenting our product to thi
  8. Games are flying from Wade like anti-communists fleeing Vietnam circa 1946.
  9. Yeah I know. But I'd rather listen to a FLAC rip than Spotify's stream.
  10. Me too. Much more accurate representation of what I listen to since I spend so much time at home now. Not really using Spotify a whole lot.
  11. I did this a couple days ago. I was about to do it again and post mine but you can actually just read @SimpleG's. Swap out his death metal artists for my death metal artists and one comment was different. I got something about converse shoes instead of divas.
  12. Jeff Bezos. I don't think those franchises are worth $5 billion when looking at sales of other studios or franchises.
  13. I see they chose the year where he didn't wear blackface. Convenient.
  14. I feel like this is a thing where Filoni or Favreau made it happen in one episode as kind of a joke and wink to people and then it carried over into cannon. Which is a fucking travesty. Because the OT treats them like they should be treated. Deadly, but whenever they look dumb or incompetent it's because they're being ordered to let somebody escape or lead them to a trap.
  15. Same! Was supposed to have it here (Utah) by Tuesday. But last I saw it was somewhere in Wisconsin.
  16. I have an i7-3770k and a 2080 and the game runs pretty well for me. But, disclaimer: I've only played for a total of maybe three hours.
  17. I wish they'd do all that physical stuff for the PC version because I'd get it. I need to check out this game because I remember watching gameplay and thinking it looked awesome.
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