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  1. On 2/19/2021 at 12:10 PM, mclumber1 said:

    Image taken from the rover's jetpack as the rover descends on cables to the planet surface.  Note the dust being kicked up from the rocket exhaust.  After the rover has confirmed it is on solid ground, it cuts the cables to the jetpack, and the jetpack flies away until it expends all of it's remaining fuel, and then crash lands off in the distance.  




    This image was released at today's press conference, and they hope to download more high res photos, and maybe video and audio as well over the weekend. 


    Did we get any audio yet? I want to hear what Mars sounds like.

  2. 1 hour ago, thewhyteboar said:

    I'm starting to feel that way too. I miss my swappable batteries. But fuck iPhones are how expensive all their accessories are.


    I feel this but Android flagships are priced similarly to iPhones these days too. So it's like a double gut punch. Less features for more money! But here's a camera improvement you barely notice! Enjoy!


    1 hour ago, Jason said:

    There's a lot of UX things about iOS that I can't stand. I'm not flashing custom ROMs or anything like that any more but it's still nice to be able to tweak things that you just can't stand.


    This is true. I love all the things you can do by just changing something like a launcher.

  3. Android phones are slowly getting rid of every last feature that differentiates them from the iPhone. I have a Samsung Note 10 that has one key feature left for me: microSD card slot. But the newest Galaxy model, the S21, doesn't have that. So I fear the next Note won't either since they've gotten rid of the headphone jack, swappable batteries, etc. If they want to be a fucking iphone I'm just going to buy the fucking OG iPhone next time.

  4. 18 hours ago, sblfilms said:

    Finally got around to watching seasons 2 and 3.


    I really hate the Byrde’s fully now. I think having a sibling of my own that struggles with debilitating mental illness like Ben really pushed me over the edge. Up to that point you mostly had bad people meeting the fate they earned for themselves. I don’t even really want to see any more of the story.


    Ruth is great and it is fun to root for her. So if nothing else stick around for her.

  5. 54 minutes ago, heydude93 said:

    Tbf the original's dialogue isn't exactly Kill Bill quality either to say the least, but it's still fun!


    I honestly don't think there's a better video game movie in terms of just straight adapting the source material.

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  6. Just now, heydude93 said:


    Overwatch and MK characters are iconic enough that even tons of conservative grandparents recognize them.  In addition to being warmly received by reviewers and fans, they've transcended being popular in just a gaming medium to having wider pop culture significance, like Mario and Master Chief.  I think it would be very difficult to disprove this, but if you're up to it, go for it. 


    Tekken, not having popular movies, shows or novels, is maybe not as much, but since the mid 90's their approach to character designs are universally beloved in gaming as well, regardless of some occasional missteps.  This is more or less quantifiable, regardless of your personal opinions, though you're still entitled to them of course. :sun:


    Normally I'd say "I'm not the one that has to do the proving or disproving. You're making the claim so the onus is on you to prove it." But I just conducted a little experiment for this conversation's sake.


    Question: Are Overwatch characters part of the cultural milieu outside of video games?


    Hypothesis: No. Most of my friends and family aren't gamers and I've never heard Overwatch discussion among them. Unlike other video games.


    Prediction: My wife, who is not a gamer, and who has seen me play Overwatch plenty of times over the years, will not be able to recognize an Overwatch character.

    Experiment: Show her an Overwatch character (the most-picked one on PC according to this site, at that) and ask her to name the character and/or what game they are from. To my non-shock, she could not name Ana, and she couldn't say that she recognized the character from something. I told her she's from Overwatch. "Oh."


    I didn't stop there, however. I took this question to my friends who are gamers on our small Discord server. Here are the results from the seven of us who play games with some frequency:




    Now, I expected the guy on there who I've played Overwatch with before to be able to answer that and he did. But I thought I'd get at least one more that could recognize her. I didn't.


    Note, I am not saying that Overwatch isn't popular or a behemoth in the industry. I'm not even saying the game itself isn't recognizable to some degree among non-gamers. I fucking love the game. But it's characters absolutely are not icons. My wife and friends recognize Mario and Master Chief and Scorpion. 100%. Those are icons.

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  7. 2 minutes ago, heydude93 said:


    Um...does it really take that much emotional and intellectual labor to figure out I'm talking about the medium of games, not film?



    About as much labor for somebody to realize that I'm saying that Soldier76 and Eddy Gordo aren't iconic nor are they interesting.

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  8. 7 minutes ago, heydude93 said:


    Could be wrong, but I looked it up and he seems to be a new character specific to the movie.



    The MK series is up there with Overwatch and Tekken as having arguably the most iconic and interesting characters in the medium. How the fuck is any screenwriter's first thought "none of these characters are interesting enough to be a protagonist" lmao


    Question Mark What GIF by MOODMAN

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