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  1. I'd say for some, yeah. But definitely not all. Orlando is the worst offender IMO of that. At my last job I traveled there quite frequently for work and every time a trip came up there I'd just be annoyed because I knew I wasn't going to get great food or see anything interesting. But I liked going to places like Austin or Atlanta or even Phoenix in the sunbelt. Like, I'm sure there are great places to eat and fun and interesting things to do in Orlando if you dig and search. And hey, I just traveled to Disney World last month with the family. Orlando is great for that.
  2. Orlando should be called Applebee's City or something. It's a resort town full of big box stores and restaurant chains. It has no personality.
  3. Would they be saying this if they were named after a Ferrari?! They should be honored to be named after such a truly-shitty-I-honestly-don't-understand-why-people-like-that-SUV American icon! MAGA!
  4. Both of those movies, if they're anything like their predecessors, are the exact movies I'd say you should go to a theater for.
  5. Frasier Revival Confirmed at Paramount+ WWW.CBR.COM Cheers and Frasier actor Kelsey Grammar confirmed he will reprise his role as Dr. Frasier Crane in a reboot of the series for Paramount+.
  6. Damn. My best friend actually had the same experience a few months ago. He ended up staying. But his company wasn't laying people off either. I'll be curious to know what you decide.
  7. I don't know why hearing it is so beautiful and awe-inspiring for me. I didn't expect it to sound different than Earth. And it does not. But it's still beautiful.
  8. Preordered this album. Something about their sense of humor and the 80/20 old school/modern ratio really turns me on. Rock hard right now.
  9. @Keyser_Soze That Harakiri album is fuckin' fire. Got the vinyl on Friday. It's so good. My favorite track is probably "Once Upon a Winter".
  10. I really wish it were COVID and not cancer that got that motherfucker.
  11. I feel this but Android flagships are priced similarly to iPhones these days too. So it's like a double gut punch. Less features for more money! But here's a camera improvement you barely notice! Enjoy! This is true. I love all the things you can do by just changing something like a launcher.
  12. Android phones are slowly getting rid of every last feature that differentiates them from the iPhone. I have a Samsung Note 10 that has one key feature left for me: microSD card slot. But the newest Galaxy model, the S21, doesn't have that. So I fear the next Note won't either since they've gotten rid of the headphone jack, swappable batteries, etc. If they want to be a fucking iphone I'm just going to buy the fucking OG iPhone next time.
  13. Ruth is great and it is fun to root for her. So if nothing else stick around for her.
  14. My house is also a 5br/2.5ba with two rooms in the basement with about 1100 sq ft on each level. We are combining two rooms to make an owner's suite, expanding the half bath to a 3/4 bath and putting the full bath into the owner's suite. So we'll be down a room but up .25 bathrooms. Lol.
  15. Making the guy a video game creator instead of a musician was stupid.
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