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  1. Leonard Nimoy in Civ IV <3


    The Arkham games getting Conroy, Hamill, and Sorkin definitely added to the experience.


    But yeah for something like Keanu in Cyberpunk literally being an avatar of Keanu, I agree with the stunt casting assessment. For voice-only I think it's less of a big deal and being able to remember the days of terrible voice acting I'm glad studious are at least springing for actual voice acting talent nowadays.

  2. 3 hours ago, number305 said:

    Yes... the part of this story that does not get reported (because scare mongering sells) is that this virus is killing mostly elderly with existing conditions.  .2% fatality rate up to 39.  .4% up to age 50.  80+ year olds are 14.8%.


    So your best bet when this hits is to not be old.


    Trump is old, and in already poor health... 



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