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  1. 1 minute ago, Xbob42 said:

    Uh... you sure about that? DQ11 is exceptionally long, and S added a fair amount more content.

    I actually don't know. I've been on act 2 and my next step is to 


    Forge the Sword of Light in the volcano.

    I have all of the main game side quests done and maybe half of the Tick Tockington ones finished. I know there's an act 3, but that sounds like the shortest of the acts. 

  2. 10 hours ago, stepee said:


    That's where I'm at, with some Kirby sprinkled in. It's an enjoyable JRPG. It's starting to drag on me now, but that's because of my quest OCD. 80 hours in, but I feel I can finish it in another 10 hours or so, if I focused. It's an enjoyable experience.


    I haven't played the ones in your list, though. I want to play Divine Divinity, eventually, though.

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  3. On 4/28/2022 at 12:50 AM, Brick said:


    Gus said there would be no reason for anyone to go after Papa Varga, but Hector is psychotic, and given that Mike said anyone going after him would need to go through him first, and we saw him take that fake ID with him out of the safe, I'm betting Mike helps Papa Varga relocate to Manitoba. 


    I hope that happens because after Nacho's saga concluded, all I thought of was Hector thinking they gave him the glass and killing his father anyways. And that would be sad.

  4. By the time a show gets to season 6 or 7, they really should have an emergency exit strategy planned. You know what, even 3 or 4 seasons. It pisses me off when a show goes on for multiple seasons and just ends, with 0 sense of resolution. Granted, I haven't followed this show since like season 2 or 3, but I'm pissed off about Hannibal for doing this and I feel for the fans of this show.


    Edit: I guess Hannibal did end with some sense of resolution, but I did not like it.

  5. 4 hours ago, skillzdadirecta said:

    Finished the series tonight and while I enjoyed this season and series overall, I was a little underwhlemed by the ending personally. It was fine... but underwhelming.

    I REALLY want to check out the spoilers, but have to resist. I'll probably watch 2 episodes tonight, after work, and finish it sometime tomorrow. I was hoping for a massive, balls out finale. I am saddened by 'underwhelming'. 😞



  6. Fuck yes. I thought Jurassic World 2 was a piece of poop, but this one has me rethinking that entirely. I was excited to see J-Gold in all his apartments.com commercials, but am even more excited to see him in this.


    I'm all in. Embrace the ridiculousness. 


    That trailer created a new Dinosaur in my shorts. The Erectasaurus.



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