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  1. This game is 100% not worth buying right now. They took out so many of the things from JC3 that make JC games so much fun. They've made questionable control changes (grapple/reeling related was the first area it was blatantly obvious to me), removed features, and right now, the graphics are pretty broken.
  2. I murdered so many warlocks mid-tickle-fingers last night that my vote is not that one.
  3. The only bits I have left on the green armor are crucible super kills and some more solar orbs in strikes. I should have that wrapped up today. I was able to knock everything else out 99% solo in only a few hours. I highly recommend doing the memory missions with friends, though, right @mo1518.
  4. Among other things, it is terrible at standing on its own. There's no support base, so it just teeters on those 2 small bits at the bottom. The reviews really are brutal.
  5. Every time I load it up and see the buttery smooth framerate, I die a little inside thinking about playing at 30 on PS4... I'm down for a PC night, and I'll knock out my remaining story crap so I'm fully unlocked.
  6. I like how you forgot about me...not that I play on PC much. I despise having none of my shit and having to collect everything all over again. I probably would play more if I was running with an actual crew, but that double grind... I sent over a couple friend reqs on PC. I'm pepitojones#1240 on blizzard.
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