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  1. Problem I have is you can't say anything about it without some dumbass getting all pissy about it.
  2. Gamers should weep those have not been remastered or better yet, remade with new textures/graphics.
  3. Mithan

    Gaming Accessories What Headset(s) do You Use?

    Sennheiser HD555's, they are high quality but you can get the gamer version too. I use my web camera for microphone.
  4. These are games that interest me, we will see what I actually end up playing...have a new baby so.... Assassin's Creed Odyssey (For sure purchase) Battlefield 5 (For sure purchase) Spider-Man Red Dead Redemption 2 Code Vein Fallout 76 Dark Siders 3
  5. Sony XBR900E or 900F series is fantastic. I own the XBR65X900E and it utterly rocks for gaming, movies and cable TV.