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  1. I found his speech to be much better than last year. As far as speeches go, these usually are just partisan events where people can suck their leaders cock, or bite it if it's the opposing leader. Ultimately, they really don't matter, except in a few cases like Bush's Axis of evil speech. Still, it's fun to watch people melt down over trump, that is always awesome. Almost worth having him president for that reason. Kinda reminds me of people melting down over Obama, but this much worse!
  2. That's why I hope to give it more time. Maybe it will offer more? We will see. Thanks for your reply.
  3. Gave it a shot today, the initial impressions are: -Graphics are good -Why can't you move faster in the base area? -Combat seemed very generic, not as refined as Destiny 2 and it reminds me of some of the older MMO's I used to play but I can't recall which ones exactly. I was left with a bit of a "meh" feel. -Combat also felt very busy, disorienting and monsters didn't really feel like they "popped out", it also felt like combat was far removed, probably due to the third person perspective. I can't really describe it, but it isn't like normal Destiny 2 or most normal shooters. -Flying is cool but I mouse fly, so need to tune it in a bit better. Either way, it is neat to just fly wherever you want. -Can this be played in First Person? I didn't really look and will assume you can't. -Verticality of levels is a nice break from flat level design. -I didn't really get into the inventory display to be able to change my weapons/armors and look at stats (if they exist). Guessing that opens up as you play or something? No idea. Overall, the game left me feeling "meh". It looks pretty and flying is cool, but it feels very generic and combat is a bit of a mess IMO. I plan to give it a bit more time in the Demo, but so far, what is here doesn't really excite me. Maybe that will change.
  4. This is an important feature, but not a deal breaker. Yes, some people say "who cares, keep your old console around" and I ignore those people because their opinion is nothing but lazy. Anyways, a PS5 that allows me to play the PS4 titles on it would be excellent. I want to retire my PS4 Pro when the PS5 comes out, and only have one console in use. One suspects that many, many, many other people agree with me, because MS is spending millions and so is Sony on doing this exact same thing.
  5. The 2xxx series is just a bad value proposition for the vast majority of people. I think it's pretty simple.
  6. I was pretty upset with the kids when I saw the first version, however after watching the second version, the only people I was upset with for the most part was the social media rage machine and normal news media. Sad, but not surprising to see many here doing the same thing.
  7. Graphically it looks good, from a gameplay perspective, I don't know yet. I liked Destiny 2 until the loot grind hits, and suspect this will be the same. So really for me, assuming I buy it, I just need a solid solo player experience that will last me about 20-30 hours that is fun, with a decent story that pulls me through, and I will call it worth while. If it goes longer than that, great. If it goes less than that because I find it boring and can't be bothered, then I will say it sucks. Time will tell.
  8. Erdrogan is an asshole and will be a major, major problem in the next few years, maybe so far as causing a large regional war. As for Trump, Erdrogan probably told him he admires Trump and will Make Syria Great again. I suspect he had that taped over a MOGA hat though, as that is his true pursuit.
  9. She is dumb. Not as dumb as Trump, but stupid all the same. Why waste your time here? Its a marxist circle jerk echo chamber. (Not sure if I got the order correct though).
  10. Good. This is a travesty. In the future of our Marxist world, this will become a firing squad offense, which is AOK with me.
  11. FOr the first time since they started the sales, I totally missed it. Didn't even think about it. In fact, I don't even give a shit I missed it. Oh well.
  12. Politics has entered into reviews a lot more than before, partly because of the political climate and partly because I think that many of these sites are full of people who want to make a statement however in the end, other than getting the opposing view point in a tissy, I don't think it matters if you are a mature person who can think. Take Kingdom Come: Deliverance, I didn't buy the game but I did read a few posts about the "controversy" surrounding the game. My interest level in this bullshit was about zero. I don't care if the game is a european simulator with white people, I don't care if people are offended and I don't care what certain websites wanted to say. It makes no difference to me because it isn't important. I couldn't care less about the political opinions expressed by some that Horizons Zero Dawn is culturally exploitive for Aboriginals in North America because I found the game to be a great game, I don't care that some people felt the same for AC:Origins or AC:Odyssey, I don't care that some people felt Resident Evil 5 or 6 or whatever it was was racist because you were shooting black people. These are games, I play them for an escape and experience and I don't really care what some game journalist that probably has his head up his or her ass has to say about the game, be they politically left or right. They offer nothing to me. Also, for myself, I don't really read reviews much anymore. I know what games I am going to get well in advance, the only thing I will do is check them on release date to make sure I am not buying a broken dud of a game. I recently purchased Ashen, so I took a look at 2 or 3 review scores to verify it wasn't getting a 3 and full of bugs before I got it. I picked up Battlefield 5 despite the "SJW controversy" online (which I don't care about). I later returned BF5 because I found it far too spammy and just not fun, maybe I will return to it in the future. The fact the cast was clearly made not to offend anybody didn't bother me and I didn't stay up at night sleepless because of the lack of authenticity. For the most part, I just want to know if a game is good or not, and I can get a far better idea of that from reading posts in the community on various places than I can get from a review. I didn't buy RDR2 which reviews awesome, because I know it is going to be a bore fest of a simulator that will put me to sleep, like RDR1. Either way, it isn't a big issue, and I don't see why people get too bent out of shape over it. Ignore it, and move on. People are way too worried about trying to "pwn" or convince the other side that they are right, than just shrug them off and do their own thing.
  13. Unless I missed it, it doesn't really say much about new CPU's. We know that the .10nm IceLake is due in 2H next year (might look at it but until then, my 7700k is more than enough for gaming). Did it say much for Ice Lake, Vic? Or is this all for 2020+ for the most part?
  14. Why give them 20-30%? I think it is obvious that the Steam Ride is done, now true competition will start coming in and Steam will need to lower its cut of games.
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