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  1. Mithan

    Former Clinton advisor: Hillary will run in 2020

    im sure they would blame russia again, not the fact everybody hates her.
  2. Fucking babies and whiners. They should be working 180 hours a week using a time portal and getting payed peanuts. Fuck their families. We need our games, cheap too!
  3. Greece is actually very mountainous/hilly if you want the truth. You can look at Google satellite view for examples.
  4. As some of you know, I go to Greece almost every summer. Below are some photos I took in 2016 and 2017 from Epidavros. In ACOdyssey, this is known as the Valley of Dreams area of Argolis Map. The synch location shows it as Epidauros Sanctuary. This is where Hippocrates is. You can find this on Google Maps here. My home is not too far from here (about 45 minute drive). They actually did a pretty faithful reconstruction of this area. I've travelled most of greece and might post more "real life" vs "in-game" comparisons in the future.
  5. Mithan

    General Gaming WTF? Dark Souls Trilogy??

    I think it is good release, as their are bound to people who need to get the entire thing. Obviously, it isn't intended for those of us who own it already.
  6. Mithan

    PC Squadron 42 - CitizenCon Trailer

    I will holdge judgement until I have Squadron 42 in front of me and can play it. I played the shit out of Wing Commander 1 and 2 back in the day, and yes I own the other ones as well (they were not nearly as good). Looking forward to seeing how this pans out story and combat wise. The broader MMO game I am not really expecting much at release, maybe 2 or 3 years later.
  7. I am level 26 and really enjoying the game. It is better than Origins, which was my GOTY in 2017. Being greek, and having visited most of these locations, it is also very interesting to see this.
  8. Razor Death Adder One of the best, basic mice out there.
  9. Origins rocked. Best game of 2017 for me. Can not wait to play.
  10. Ya that is what I think too.
  11. Good to great performance, but not when looking at value. In Canadian Dollars, you can get the 1080Ti for about $850, the 2080Ti (which is actually faster than the 1080Ti) costs about $1600-1700. The 2080 might be feasable for somebody looking to upgrade an older card with performance at 1070 or less levels, but the 2080 = 1080Ti performance wise and costs $150 more. The 2080 Ti though? 20-30% performance for double the price? Ya... no. Sorry, nonexist Ray Tracing isn't "worth it" either at this point. In Canadian dollar terms, I would be paying almost $800 for ray tracing, which isn't worth it. My 1080 Ti will be around for a lot longer by the looks of it. At this rate, probably another 2 years. Looks like a great opportunity for AMD to respond with a card that is a bit better than the 1080Ti and costs less. Hopefully they do that. Soon.
  12. I want some Super NES games. These will come at some point I presume?