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  1. Show is WAY better in the second season than the first. But yeah the dialogue is turrible.
  2. Jose

    Wade was just shot and may be dead.

    Glad you're ok dude! That must have been scary as shit.
  3. Jose

    What beer or liquor have you drank recently

    Technically you are correct! Most people do it with vodka these days however. I much prefer Gin, though.
  4. Jose

    What beer or liquor have you drank recently

    Briny! I hate vodka, so the fact that I didnt really taste it made it better.
  5. Jose

    What beer or liquor have you drank recently

    I'm drinking a dirty martini. Not terrible.
  6. Oh c'mon, that was a good one.
  7. BJs or Costco have solid coffee for very cheap. It's not mind-blowing and there's no roast date, but still very decent.
  8. Thats fair. I just like to reduce my overall dairy consumption when I have a mocha or caramel macchiato because I eat so much fucking cheese.
  9. Word, this is apparently correct. I was worried because I thought it might have gluten, but nope. 2g of soluble fiber per serving too! I definitely will try this next.
  10. Have you had cashew milk? I hear the mouthfeel is better.
  11. Spicy tostada isnt terrible for 1.29.
  12. I get caramel macchiato all the time. It's not really coffee, but its yummy lol.
  13. Drip coffee is fine if the beans are fresh, lightly roasted, and ground to order.