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  1. Yeah, I mean it's still amazing. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't misunderstanding.
  2. That doesn't necessarily mean they are switching to all electric relatively soon, right?
  3. It's so freaking early! Gotta give the scrubs a chance. There will be plenty of Warren Biden Sanders debates after.
  4. You forgot the tri state area's pizza capital, New Haven!
  5. No one is annoyed by AOD. It's not shiny. Honestly, I like it, but wouldn't care if it were ever removed in the future, either.
  6. I mean with Prime and Netflix, you dont really need anything else.
  7. Bears all in as well baby. 1. Bears TD 2. Under 3. Mahomes 4. Jets 5. Panthers, Chargers, Chiefs 6. GMEN BABY 7. Rams 8. Saquon, Robinson
  8. A pizza made in a pan greased with lard sounds fucking delicious TBH.
  9. It made sense as a rebuttal to Ryan. He killed that. Why did he need to say it again the last debate though? Just came off like bragging.
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