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  1. Jose

    Soda is stupid

    I won't guillotine this post because it would be too swift a death.
  2. Jose

    Soda is stupid

    Boylan's diet cola is sooooo good. Like it has a slight root beer flavor but not enough to make it gross (I hate root beer).
  3. Jose

    Soda is stupid

    Doesnt Rockstar have 240 mg of caffeine in a can? That shouldnt even be legal.
  4. Jose

    Soda is stupid

    The new Red Bull sugar-free pear flavor is actually out of this world imo. But fuck that company charging you $3.50 for a 12 ounce can.
  5. Jose

    Soda is stupid

    I do admit I occasionally choose an energy drink over coffee. Sometimes you want a cold and carbonated caffeine hit. So terrible tho.
  6. Jose

    Soda is stupid

    We should discuss ENERGY DRINKS. Now that is some pointless, unhealthy garbage.
  7. Jose

    Soda is stupid

    Also, diet soda is a lot less bad for you at least.
  8. Jose

    Soda is stupid

    Well that sounds boring as fuck. I'm also trying to curb my coffee addiction. Down to one a day.
  9. Jose

    Soda is stupid

    I mean this shit is subjective. I'm addicted to soda, but trying to curb it. But I'm not here trying to tell anyone they should drink some.
  10. My wife and I were watching Triple Frontier yesterday on Netflix (pretty good btw) and she stealth took off her bra through her sleeve. She was even wearing a vest over her shirt. I was impressed lol.
  11. We once had this hostess that had an absolutely excruciatingly high voice. Like so bad that you thought she was fucking with you. The GM at the time told me to tell her that she had to speak with a deeper voice to customers. I just ignored him, but yeah I'm sure it's a real thing that happens.
  12. The numbers dont support this. Edit: http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2016/11/29/hillary-clinton-wins-latino-vote-but-falls-below-2012-support-for-obama/ Underperforming Obama's numbers in 2012 when she ran against an outright Latinophobe is no bueno.
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