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  1. Very fair point! Just wanted to defend Ana because it's the whole board against him right now and contrarian opinions keep the board interesting.
  2. Is he being a hardcore Biden homer right now? Sure. Can't deny this, but he definitely was talking about the plight of African Americans and racial relations literally non-stop in 2016.
  3. I do wonder when we discuss the Biden allegation more. I mean it seems to be credible. If Dems just ignore it, they look like huge hypocrites.
  4. My issue is that it can be tough knowing the difference.
  5. Imagine having untreated GAD and still consuming loads of caffeine. That's me!
  6. Yeah the 24/7 EKG thingy. That is nuts. I have gone through similar, but I am fairly certain mine is panic attacks lol. Hoping for the best for her!
  7. Damn, that is nuts. She hasn't been to a cardiologist yet?
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