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  1. 2 things I should have added from making this recipes over 10 times in my life: 1. Don't spend the extra money on the short rib. The chuck roast comes out absurdly good and it's less than half the price. 2. Dont worry about the chile specifications. I started playing with what chiles I used after my first couple times and the results were always equally phenomenal. I usually throw in a couple extra to boot as well and it's still mighty tasty.
  2. Can someone stop Kal from ruining my childhood? Kthx.
  3. Is anyone listening to MSNBC's post debate discussion. I think Maddow just got caught on a hot mic.
  4. I disagree. He was purposefully vague to get as many voters as possible. The most concrete stand he took on an issue (health insurance), he took the moderate position.
  5. Ravens for $4,200 1. Ravens TD 2. 7 3. Ravens / Rams 4. Goff 5. Seattle Buffalo 49ers 6. Ravens 7. Barkley 8. Barkley, Godwin
  6. This show is so good. The fact that my wife loves it, too, makes it so much better for me.
  7. Hillary was pro mandate, Obama was not. Hillary also had a more liberal voting record in the Senate.
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