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  1. NJ diners have fucking everything man. That's kinda their point.
  2. We've become exponentially desensitized to this stuff, but Trump's recent tweets are so fucking bad.
  3. It's totally amazing. Serious Eats has some really great Instant Pot recipes from Kenji Lopez Alt. If you like risotto, his mushroom risotto recipe will blow your mind.
  4. My brother just had a kidney stone operation. His urine currently smells like BLOOD. cuz hes pissing blood.
  5. Also, no one from the GOP ever commented on Obama's tan suit. That was a Fox News thing.
  6. You're literally listing one time when the midterms had 0 effect on the presidential election and acting like you just QED'd the house.
  7. Warren is at fault for Kamala walking back MFA? I am so confused.
  8. I can never forget my father-in-law's birthday since it's the same as Bastille Day!
  9. No Mexican food to be seen in this thread.
  10. Isnt there a level post fire at this point and it still isnt spicy?
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