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  1. I highly doubt they are giving these kids meals drastically reduced in calories. Whole grain bread has just as many calories as white bread and often has more fat from the seeds and such.
  2. Ah. Why mention that though? Just to dig at Newt or is there something in his comment that I am not getting?
  3. Right, that's what I am saying! But I doubt he just invented the rumor in his head. Probably a shitty game of telephone.
  4. Bauer has been great to follow on Twitter in all of this. Speaking as someone with thyroid disease, I don't see why you would take HGH. Maybe he just takes levothyroxine and some idiots confused it for HGH.
  5. Wtf will Bernie supporters do if he wins the presidency? What will they bitch about then? It'll be like a dog catching it's tail. "What do we do now?!"
  6. For real. Also white meat sucks.
  7. @Spork3245 I definitely don't hate Bernie. I have a strong dislike for many of his followers, but I would gladly vote for him if he is the nominee. He's just not my preferred choice. However, I do prefer him over the rest of the field not named Elizabeth Warren.
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