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  1. http://www.flhealthcharts.com/charts/DataViewer/DeathViewer/DeathViewer.aspx?indNumber=0125 Those numbers were made up.
  2. Generation Alpha is already a thing somehow haha.
  3. My dad has devolved similarly. I blame OANN. He made an excuse to go to upstate NY on election day to not have to vote for Trump amd now he defends him ceaselessly. Very sad tbh. But that does not mean half the nation is like this!
  4. Jose

    90 day fiancé

    Is this the show that the Filipina woman meme from TikTok comes from?
  5. It's no fun to show off if nobody sees it, I guess.
  6. I'm having Memorial Day lunch with my parents tomorrow outside. I think it's time. We will still be eating in separate tables tho.
  7. Yep. When R = 1, a sick person infects at least one more sick person. You want R to be less than 1.
  8. To be clear, we are talking about the 1995 series on Netflix right? I have watched two episodes so far and I am pretty lost. Not loving it so far, but I will trudge through.
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