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  1. If Manchin considers this what he has to do to brandish his radical centrist cred before voting yes on the full COVID bill then I'm more than willing to throw Neera to the wolves.
  2. A perfect summation of the MAGA-era GOP. Woman in a literal glass prison insists she's actually freer than everyone else because she's maybe triggering some libs while she's in there.
  3. Texas's numbers are probably seriously f'd right now for obvious reasons, but the national numbers as reported are good again
  4. Yeah I started getting the notion of looking into building a new PC a couple of days ago before looking around on part picker sites and reading "Uh... best of luck!" every time they got down to GPU.
  5. I still buy things from Best Buy quite a bit. They have good pricing on a lot of stuff pretty consistently. But yeah, it's always just online orders that I'm picking up. I really cannot imagine a scenario anymore where I'm going to Best Buy just to browse.
  6. Making some chili in a slow cooker. It's lookin' good so far.
  7. I don't really think the Boring Company stuff is for the betterment of society at all.
  8. I never thought leopards would eat MY face, says man who rigged entire legislative apparatus of the United States in favor of the Leopards Eating People's Faces Party.
  9. I went to this guy's Twitter since he's quoted in the article, and when you do a bunch of balloons pop up for his birthday 😬😬😬
  10. If Dems can't look at that +56% number and decide to go as big as possible as soon as possible on legislation and not give a shit about what kind of procedure they use to get there, then you might as well just shut the party down
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