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  1. Vaccines took away all the anxiety I used to have when my mom would come over to hangout. I appreciate that I will have a normal thanksgiving even though I enjoyed quarantine thanksgiving very much.
  2. I think they are quite good. I like the fact the guns are already modded since it takes a lot of mats to mod the guns yourself.
  3. I am still on the starter island. So far, everything mission starts with a go here, find a high vantage point, use your phone’s social media app to figure out what guns they like and bullets they hate, go to the workbench to adjust your gear then fight. I haven’t bothered to change ammo types. I put armor piercing rounds in my guns or use the unique weapons. I normally don’t use the NPC companions in FC games but decided a 🐊 wearing a shirt can vibe with me for a little bit. I do like how when you sneak with Guapo, the enemies do recognize it and are like “WTF” but don’t go crazy and start shooting.
  4. While the opening to 6 is the weakest one so far, I am liking it more than 5 and New Dawn mainly due to the setting and characters so far. The “pick the right tool for the right job” mechanic has not amounted to much yet for me. I have yet to bother changing my gear before a mission and don’t feel like I am being punished for not doing so.
  5. Ed Orgeron won't return as coach of LSU Tigers next season, sources say WWW.ESPN.COM Ed Orgeron and LSU have reached an agreement that he will not return as coach of the Tigers next season, sources told ESPN, confirming a report by Sports Illustrated. He is... Winning a championship doesn’t even give you 2 years anymore.
  6. Completed Tales or Arise. The first 2/3s I really liked. The pacing and progression are great. No grinding needed. No backtracking. The last 1/3 goes off the rails.
  7. Let’s be fair, it is hard to be nice to a person who spells his name wrong.
  8. Box Office: ‘Halloween Kills’ Heads for Killer $50M Opening Despite Dual Peacock Launch WWW.HOLLYWOODREPORTER.COM The slasher film had no trouble defeating James Bond pic 'No Time to Die' while Ridley Scott's historical epic 'The Last Duel' bombed in its debut. Astros bombed so Halloween can kill. @sblfilms
  9. Averting Major Strike Threat, IATSE and Studios Reach Tentative Contract Deal WWW.HOLLYWOODREPORTER.COM The two sides returned to the bargaining table nearly two weeks ago, after IATSE members overwhelmingly voted to authorize a potential strike.
  10. I put a small bet on +2000 Astros comeback win.
  11. At least @sblfilms can leave early to beat the traffic
  12. You can get PSN for $30 easily and the games you get for free on PS+ has been pretty good. Live is bundled into Game Pass and GP is a great service. I have no issues paying for both. Plus there are games on both that I play online.
  13. As long as Astros get swept, then yes sign me up
  14. Houston Astros ace Lance McCullers Jr. left off ALCS roster against Boston Red Sox WWW.ESPN.COM Right-hander Jake Odorizzi had been added to the Astros' roster for the ALCS, replacing ace Lance McCullers Jr., who suffered forearm tightness in his last start and is still being... I want an asteroid to land on Minute Maid. If I have to sacrifice @sblfilmsto make sure this series never happens, I will pay that price.
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