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  1. @JPDunks4 I went as media. Can confirm, this is totally fucked. The “apology” email was awful.
  2. I have always loved that Ninja Gaiden cattridge art! @Rodimus
  3. Haven't had much time to work on the collection this past few months, but I'm about to do a run through of the whole Pokémon series in preparation for Sword/Shield and I've never played this version. It's technically generation 1 so this is where I'm going to start. From there, I'll take these guys up to Gen V the old fashioned way and then throw everybody in the Pokémon Bank. This is probably the best boxed GBA game I've ever seen. It is immaculate. The guy has never taken it out of the wrapping it came in; he just cut a slit in the top. I love how shiny this case is, I may pick up Fire Red just to complete the set! I really don't want to start trying to collect boxed Pokémon games. Heart Gold and Soul Silver are pricey these days.
  4. Thanks, I appreciate It! We just dropped our episode on Deadly Premonition. Have y’all played that shit?!
  5. @bladimir2k @Nokra @ManUtdRedDevils @XxEvil AshxX @mikechorney @skillzdadirecta @Rodimus @SFLUFAN DON'T LET YOUR DREAMS BE DREAMS. Thanks again everyone, you guys were a huge part of our ratings push and we did it!
  6. Lol, I don’t blame you. I actually just got us qualified through Spotify if you’re ok with that! I actually like it’s layout more than iTunes. Much cleaner. I suggest anything from 2019 on with the new audio set up!
  7. No worries man, we’ve hit our goal and I know PC users generally hate using iTunes unless they have an iPhone. Don’t fee like you have to do that! @bladimir2k
  8. @Nokra @ManUtdRedDevils @XxEvil AshxX @mikechorney @skillzdadirecta @Rodimus @SFLUFAN So after all of your help and a big social media push yesterday, we have over 50 ratings this morning! I have reached back out to the E3 Media team and it's now a waiting game. I will update everyone once I hear something concrete. I just wanted to say thank you to everybody in this thread that took time out of their day to help out. It's very cliché to say, but it really does mean a lot. I am very humbled by how supportive this community was yesterday. To any and all friends that I had, have, and will meet on these boards, THANK YOU!!!
  9. Dude not necessary at all. Please don’t do that!
  10. Wow, thanks! I upgraded all of our audio equipment after December so I would check out any of those first. Our 2019 predictions is a good episode to start with.
  11. Man thank you guys! Since we are so close, every little rating/review helps a ton!
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