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  1. Most of these people are miserable and living paycheck to paycheck with credit card debt.
  2. Pretty sure Im on the spectrum but I was never tested but no, not stupid, just different.
  3. I told my wife to do this if she wants to quit her Edit: pet care is definitely not ideal work for a teenager imo
  4. Happy Zombie Day! I just finished Horizon Zero Dawn on Steam so lets go with Horizon Forbidden West for Ps5 please! Thanks Wade
  5. I have two dogs that need walking. Whitey dislikes walking their own dogs
  6. Can you run a lawn mower? You can go on facebook marketplace and buy a lawn mower for $25 and start a lawn service company. I'd hire you. You have to do things white people such as myself don't feel like doing for ourselves *sarcasm font enabled*
  7. Here for Easter RNG and HZD Forbidden West and thanks for another giveaway!
  8. Oh I've been on the receiving end, its f'n bullshit. Its another way to keep people down.
  9. It sounds like it just affects poor people with less than $1000.
  10. Wasn't this like 6 months ago?
  11. Baseball season is upon us! Join my league 162 excuses to take a nap. Click Here: Join my Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball league, 162 excuses to take a nap BASEBALL.FANTASYSPORTS.YAHOO.COM Click the link above and follow the steps to join my league. Good luck! $25 paid to yahoo. Yahoo handles winning payouts also. Not an annoying daily league. Set line ups on Monday
  12. Hard disagree. If I didn't like my job I probably would be homeless. I have always quit anything I didn't like, it used to drive my parents crazy when I was younger.. I never stuck anything out I disliked. Even if it meant no means of income. You name it, I probably tried working it between the age of 17 -23
  13. I really do now. A year ago, not so much. I love my 4/10 schedule, I love that I understand (mostly) what my crew does and gaining the respect and forming bonds with my guys has been awesome. My management team is very supportive and there is a ton of room to grow within the company Changing companies and career after 18 years was daunting but I love the new challenge. I was bored af where I was before.
  14. Are you going to post any butthole pics here?
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